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Bethenny Frankel Just Revealed Her 7 Favorite Costco Finds

Celebs love Costco just like the rest of us!

Business mogul, entrepreneur, podcaster, humanitarian, and former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel never shies away from sharing her opinions on social media, from hot takes on haute makeup brands to the very best TJ Maxx bargains.

In a recent Instagram post, Frankel showed off her Costco haul, and let's just say that the old adage "celebs, they're just like us" certainly applies here.

Just like millions of Americans, she is a huge fan of the warehouse store, although she is aware of the various clever tricks the store uses to get you to spend your hard-earned dollars.

"They make you feel like it's all really inexpensive because you are getting so much," Frankel says, "but there are studies that talk about the fact that it's a psychology that makes you feel like getting a giant Advil with 10,000 pills is really great but sometimes you can take two smaller ones and do a price comparison and it isn't that much cheaper."

Still, she finds shopping at Costco to be "fun" and "delicious." Here are seven items that Frankel highlighted from her latest Costco haul.

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1. Rotisserie Chicken

Costco rotisserie chickens
calimedia / Shutterstock

Frankel is a big fan of that famously low-priced, over-100-million-sold-annually Costco rotisserie chicken.

"I once fought someone for one of these chickens," she says, describing a situation where another shopper tried to convince her why they were more worthy of getting the last chicken available.

"It's just an amazing bird," she says as she devours a piece, "one for the books."

2. Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice Packets

Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic
Seeds Of Change

The Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice packets have been a long-time Costco staple and Frankel is a fan.

"These packets are excellent," she says of the microwaveable grain packets that come flavored with garlic. "They taste as good as if you made homemade rice."

3. Island Way Sorbet

Island Way Sorbet Variety Pack
Island Way Sorbet

One of the most coveted Costco frozen desserts, the gluten-free Island Way sorbets come in fruit shells filled with sorbet, with flavors ranging from coconut, pineapple, lemon, and orange to even berry and pomegranate. And their presentation sure makes them impressive dinner party desserts.

"These are like a fancy Italian restaurant," says Frankel, who grabbed the coconut-flavored version. A steal at $14.99 per box, she calls this the "rich bitch dessert shit."

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4. Phillips Jumbo Lump Crab

The one pound of jumbo lump crab, which she also refers to as "rich bitch shit," is a little more pricey at around $47. It is pure crab perfect for making crab cakes, but Frankel, who was once a natural foods chef, has other plans: "I'm going to make a nice hand roll with this."

5. Kirkland Albacore Tuna

Cans of Costco's Kirkland-brand tuna
The Image Party / Shutterstock

Customers have very strong and varying opinions on the best Kirkland products at Costco, and Frankel is no different, putting her vote in for Kirkland's Albacore tuna.

"Never has there been a better brand of white tuna ever," she says of the canned wild-caught tuna.

6. Sunpix Hearts of Palm

This jar of hearts of palm has been a favorite for Frankel, who digs right in on camera. Hearts of palm are touted for being high in protein and potassium. "These I've been eating for years, they are amazing."

7. Bibigo Dumplings

Bibigo Steamed Dumplings, Chicken & Vegetable

At the very end of her video, Frankel shows off one last package and just says: "The Dumplings." It's the Bibigo dumplings, but Costco carries a few varieties including the chicken and cilantro that customers adore, chicken and vegetables, and beef pho soup dumplings. Her preference remains a mystery.

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