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Blake Lively's Slim-Down Secrets

For a star who first rose to fame on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively likes to play it close to the vest.

Unlike certain celebs—whose names rhyme with "car crash again"—Lively doesn't expose every facet of her life; we never have to use up valuable brain space digesting her cosmetic treatments or chaotic love life. In fact, Lively seems to have it all: great career, dashing movie-star husband, and a new baby.

And that body! Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon she rocked a tight black dress without an ounce of post-baby chub in sight. How has Lively managed to get into such terrific shape just five months after becoming a new mom? Eat This, Not That! did a deep dive into the Age of Adaline actress's personal post-baby weight-loss tricks, and how they can help anyone lose weight rapidly. Below, we weigh in on her get-fit secrets and tell you how you can get similar results at home.

Lively Fit Trick #1: Get a Workout Buddy

Right up until giving birth to her daughter, James, Blake took prenatal yoga classes. And once she got the go ahead to exercise again, she started working out with celebrity trainer and long-time pal Bobby Storm. Her workouts include exercises like crunches on an exercise ball, bicep curls and squat jumps—and it's paying off! Just eight weeks after becoming a mom, Blake was already back to her svelte self.

Why It Works: While not everyone can afford to enlist the help of a trainer, most of us can team up with a friend to trim down. People exercise for an average of 34 minutes longer with a friend than they do when they hit the gym solo, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. And the longer you sweat, the more quickly you'll reach your goals! Next time a friend asks you to grab drinks after work, suggest taking a hike or checking out a new fitness class instead.

Lively Fit Trick #2: Don't Deprive Yourself

A month after having her baby, the star posted a photo of a delicious-looking hot chocolate with the caption, "Name one thing better in winter than City Bakery hot chocolate…that's what I thought." Lively has said in the past that she typically munches on fresh produce, blended juices and lean proteins, but she doesn't deprive her sweet tooth when the craving strikes—and that's likely one of the reasons she has so much slim-down success.

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Why It Works: Although a rich cup of hot cocoa is anything but healthy, experts say giving into your sweet tooth can actually help you lose weight. "Occasionally including dessert can aid weight loss efforts by warding off feelings of deprivation and bouts of overeating," explains dietitian Cassie Bjork, RD, LD of Healthy Simple Life. "It can make it easier to stick with your healthy eating regimen for the long haul." The Zero Belly trick: Treat yourself to a sweet treat that also blasts fat. This Best Weight-Loss Smoothie Recipe Ever, for example, tastes like dessert while delivering loads of nutrients to power your day and shrink your waist.

Lively Fit Trick #3: Rev Your Metabolism with Venison

A source close to Mrs. Ryan Reynolds revealed that the stunning starlet has been cooking lean proteins like turkey, chicken and venison to shed the baby weight. A few months ago, Blake posted a photo of a homemade rotisserie chicken and a vegetable medley on Instagram with the caption "Dinner last night!"

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Why It Works: The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn–no matter what you're doing. Sure, hitting the gym helps you build muscle to begin with, but eating lean proteins à la Lively keeps it from breaking down and slowing your metabolic rate as a result. Research has also found that because protein is more difficult for the body to break down and digest than other nutrients, it can increase post-meal calorie burn by as much as 35 percent. Aim to incorporate some protein into every meal and snack throughout the day to keep your metabolism humming!

Lively Fit Trick #4: Kick Off Your Day with Resistant Starch

Pre-baby, Lively stayed trim eating oatmeal for breakfast everyday, on the advice of trainer Storm. Since the duo has paired up again to shed the baby weight, it's a safe bet the dish is back on her daily menu.

Why It Works: In addition to being more satiating than other popular breakfast options like cold cereal, oats are rich in something called resistant starch. As the name implies, it's resistant to digestion, so the body is not able to absorb as many calories from each molecule. Whip up a similar breakfast at home, and shed flab with every meal using these essential 9 Best Flat-Belly Superfoods.

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