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Burger King Is Adding 4 New Items to the Menu For Spring

Toasted sandwiches and a new spin on Chicken Fries will soon hit stores.

Burger King may be all about the Whopper nowadays, but that doesn't mean it's neglecting other parts of its menu. Alongside other restaurant chains like Dunkin' and Domino's, which are sprucing up their menus for spring, the burger giant is about to upgrade its own with four items.

Starting March 6, Burger King is launching what it describes as a "flaming-hot" spin on its classic Chicken Fries. Not to be confused with Chicken Nuggets, which are also a staple on the menu, the longer, thinner Chicken Fries have an optimal shape for dipping into any of Burger King's sauces. Burger King has previously revamped the chicken fries with buffalo, pretzel, and jalapeño flavors, but the Spicy Chicken Fries are a completely new take.

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The burger giant is also bringing back three versions of its popular Melts. The Classic Melt features two Whopper Jr. patties, American cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce between two slices of toasted bread rather than a traditional bun.

The two other versions of the sandwiches also include all of those elements, but add in their own unique twist. The Bacon Melt, unsurprisingly, dials up the protein with pieces of crispy bacon. Meanwhile, the Spicy Melt gets its heat from the addition of jalapeños and swaps out the Stacker Sauce for a creamy, spicy sauce. Burger King offered those same three Melts options–the Classic, Bacon, and Spicy–when it first debuted the sandwiches in 2022.

During that initial release, they were branded as Whopper Melts and advertised as "one-handed" sandwiches. Interestingly, some customers took issue with the size of the sandwiches, claiming that having "Whopper" in the name of the menu item led them to believe it would be the size of an actual Whopper when they were, in fact, smaller. This time around, Burger King has nixed the Whopper reference and is simply calling them Melts.

Aside from their size, some customers reported issues with the execution of the sandwiches, such as chewy and insufficiently toasted bread. But their 2023 return means that Burger King has reason enough to believe that they should have a place on the menu, albeit for a limited time.

All of the four items hitting Burger King's menu on March 6 will be available at participating restaurants nationwide through May 14, so customers only have about two months to get their hands on the Spicy Chicken Fries and Melts before they leave again.

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