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Burger King's New Mexican Chicken Sandwich Isn't Mexican Enough, Customers Say

The ingredients don't add up.

A new Mexican take on the Original Chicken Sandwich is coming to Burger King next year, but many customers have already begun pointing out that the new menu item hardly sounds very Mexican at all. Did we mention Burger King hasn't even formally announced the new sandwich yet?

It's become more and more common in recent years for big fast-food promotions to be leaked on social media before they're formally announced by brands. This appears to have happened once again over at the Burger King subreddit r/BurgerKing. About six days ago a user posted a topic titled "Shush don't tell anyone, ok? 🤫" appearing to display some type of internal marketing document for a new Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich.

While anonymous social media posts may not be the most bulletproof news sources, The Fast Food Post reports that the Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich is indeed rolling out across participating BK locations nationwide in January 2023.

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FFP's G. Ramsay even reached out to their local Burger King about the mysterious new menu addition, and the location did confirm the sandwich is on the way and will likely feature a price point of around $5.99. But, that restaurant couldn't (or wouldn't) provide an exact date for the sandwich's arrival.

What about the actual sandwich and ingredients? The new Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich will feature lightly breaded chicken breast complemented by what appears to be ghost pepper cheese and crispy-fried jalapeños—all topped with a sesame seed bun. It actually appears very similar to BK's recently released Ghost Pepper Whopper, but without the orange bun and with chicken instead of beef.

Burger King has never been afraid to experiment with wild flavors and unusual menu offerings, and this latest concoction is clearly an attempt to spice up a BK classic. Unfortunately, though, early online reactions to the Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich have been mixed at best.

The main complaint? The sandwich just doesn't sound very Mexican. In another Reddit post within r/fastfood discussing the new sandwich one user wrote: "Doesn't really sound very 'Mexican', unless you think Taco Bell is Mexican."

When a user asked what BK could add to the sandwich to make it more Mexican, one Redditor commented "More jalapenos obviously," while another gave a more detailed response: "Queso Fresca, cilantro, onions, torta roll, Mexican sour cream, avocado, pico, etc. are examples of things I would expect. Not necessarily saying this would be feasible for a fast-food burger chain, but that is what I would think of when I hear 'Mexican chicken sandwich'."

Green chiles is another ingredient many would like to see, as well. One user chimed in: "No green chiles?" Meanwhile, someone else expanded on that thought, writing: "Every McDonald's Double Cheeseburger sold in New Mexico has diced green chiles instead of pickles. You'd think BK would get the memo!"

Finally, one Redditor sarcastically quipped: "So American chicken sandwich. Sounds decent."

To be fair to the home of the Whopper, not all reactions have been negative. One user said they would still try the new sandwich, and that it sounds "bomb," despite it not appearing very Mexican. An additional commenter wrote: "Honestly I really enjoyed the Ghost Pepper Whopper so I will be trying this!"

The OG 'Original Chicken Sandwich' has been an absolute pillar of Burger King's menu for decades, first introduced in 1978. The classic version of the sandwich features lightly breaded chicken, crisp lettuce, mayonnaise, and a long sesame seed bun.

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