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John Anderer

John Anderer

About author

John Anderer is a writer, editor, and reporter focusing (mostly) on the latest scientific research. He has been writing professionally for over nine years. Studies and abstracts can be confusing and awkwardly worded. He prides himself on making such content easy to read, understand, and apply to everyone's everyday life.

Articles by John Anderer

workers packing meat
5 Fast-Food Items With Exorbitant Amounts of Sodium
man cooking
older man running outside following secret exercise tricks
happy active man outdoors in woods
woman yawning in bed, sleepy
happy older couple running
happy woman stretching in bed
Senior woman with short hair stretching arms
woman looking into medicine cabinet
older woman man rowing machines
older woman balancing workout in living room
older woman working and smiling
Happy Asian girl backpack in the road and forest background, Relax time on holiday concept travel ,color of vintage tone and soft focus
Meghan Markle
Melissa Alcantara
Female doctor protecting a red heart with her hands
woman doing resistance band workout at home
Main Street in Salt Lake City
two fitness women in gym
Side portrait of two young sporty women walking on the beach
tired woman working
woman doing a plank
Man tired after excercise.
Groggy, young woman yawning in front of her bathroom mirror
woman in hiit class
woman smiling while wearing blue fitness sleeveless top and leggings during group workout class of foam rolling at the gym