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Burger King Unveils a New Tagline and Jingle

The chain turns the spotlight on its fans.

Ready to get another jingle stuck in your head for the next decade or so? Burger King sure hopes so! The chain is reviving and remixing its popular "Have it Your Way" tune from the 1970s and changing its main tagline after four decades.

Burger King wants to "reclaim the flame", aka get younger generations to buy into its message, so the company decided to put customers at the forefront of the new campaign. It's all about ruling your life, creating your own rules, and making your own choices—aka getting your BK order however you like.

"Advertising, at its best, is most relevant to people when you celebrate them first, not the brand," says Tom O'Keefe, CEO of creative agency OKRP which is behind the new campaign. "We're giving them permission to feel like winners, with Burger King as a small reward that makes their day a bit better. And let's face it, the song is irresistible, whether or not you remember the old jingle — we're hoping it'll be the earworm you can't shake off."

To that end, the chain has also revealed that "You Rule" will now be its new tagline, which builds on its decades-old message of "Have It Your Way."

"It embodies our purpose, embraces individuality and elevates Have It Your Way—something our brand has always been known for—beyond pure product customization," says Tom Curtis, Burger King's North America president in a statement. "This campaign celebrates our brand equities and delivers on our brand purpose: to relentlessly pursue a better experience for our guest."

According to the chain's press release, customers will experience the new messaging everywhere from advertising to their in-store experience. In fact, the company has recently announced an investment of $400 million to spruce up its brand optics, which will be used to upgrade everything from its branding and the look of its restaurants, to its menu and the status of its classic Whopper.

Danielle Braff
Danielle Braff is a freelance writer based in Chicago. Read more about Danielle