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Burger King Is Bringing Back Three Popular Burgers Tomorrow

The returning lineup features a massive four-patty burger.

On January 5, the Burger King menu is getting a lot meatier, as in a pound of meat in one burger. And that's just the ground beef, if you count the bacon slices too the Burger King Quad BK Stacker packs more than a pound of meat between those two buns. Four slices of American cheese and a fan-favorite, sauce round out the monster burger.

The Quad BK Stacker is just one of three burgers Burger King is adding to the menu as part of its BK Stackers lineup to kick off 2023. Per Chew Boom, the four-patty, four-cheese-slice burger is accompanied by its (slightly) smaller cousins, the Triple BK Stacker and Double BK Stacker. These burgers feature three beef patties and American cheese slices and two patties and cheese slices, respectively.

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According to the New York Times, the Stacker burgers—including the Quad—were first introduced 15 years ago. Back in the later years of the 2000s, these beefy burgers and other over-the-top creations helped drive the chain's sales up by appealing to the 18-24 crowd. Burger King slipped below Wendy's as the second most popular burger joint in America in 2021 and launched its "Reclaim the Flame" campaign last year to make its offerings more premium. Wendy's has a few different burgers that stack three patties with various toppings and bun configurations, but none that offer four.

Fans of the burgers on Reddit recall eating the burgers in college and are excited to try them again. A few are wondering what the price will be now in the era of inflation, fearing the Quad Stacker could push $20, considering all the meat it holds.

At the time of this writing, the Stackers are not yet listed on Burger King's website in the United States, so no current nutrition information or pricing intended for the American consumer is available. As far as calories, a number of older articles from the initial release of the Stackers state the Quad had close to 1,000 calories. For reference, a 4X4 burger from In-n-Out—the closest comparison on a fast-food menu—has 1,050 calories.

Update: The Quad Stacker has launched and it is listed for less than $7 in most locations. In terms of nutrition, it has 810 calories and 53 grams of fat. 

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