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Steven John

Steven John

About author

Steven John is a writer based just outside New York City (after 12 years in LA, four in Boston, and the first 18 just outside DC). When not writing or spending time with his wife, and kids, he frequently jogs and bikes, sometimes kayaks, and occasionally climbs mountains. He also does a lot of cooking. He writes for several major outlets, and his novels can be found at

Articles by Steven John

funny food delivery man
lone star steakhouse storefront
fogo de chao
habit burger grill cheeseburger
Campbell's Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup
Chick-Fil-A sandwiches
Texas roadhouse restaurant exterior
Church’s Chicken chicken tenders
culvers drive thru
delivery man reading special request
McDonald's Saweetie Meal
server making customers happy
Doritos newest flavor Sweet & Tangy BBQ
Burger King—Cheeseburger Meal
prince harry meghan markle in n out
dipping sauces and chicken nuggets
olive garden breadsticks
Barack obama at five guys
mcdonalds vs wendys
mcdonalds burger beef
burger king quad stacker new
shake shack burger
texas roadhouse exterior
coffee beans bag
Chick-fil-A cup, bag, and box
taco bell sign
burger king italian chicken sandwiches
baristas customer behaviors dislike
Fogo de chao wagyu