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Burger King Is Launching a New 'International' Chicken Sandwich Lineup—But Fans Still Want This One Back

The 'International Original Chicken Sandwich' menu debuts in January, and we'll have one of each, please.
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If you thought the so-called fast-food "Chicken Sandwich Wars" that kicked off in 2019 were over, no one told Burger King—in fact, the chain is about to fire off a major salvo. 2023 is going to be a big year for the fast-food chicken sandwich because, on January 5th, BK is debuting not one, not two, but three chicken sandwiches as part of its new "International Original Chicken Sandwich" lineup.

The trio of sandwiches will include an American Original Chicken Sandwich, a Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich, and an Italian Original Chicken Sandwich. All of the new sandwiches will feature a breaded chicken patty on a long sesame seed bun. The "American" will have lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and mayonnaise. The "Mexican" will feature a spicy queso sauce and jalapeños. And, the "Italian" will have mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Two of these sandwiches, the American and Italian, are a throwback to BK menu offerings from the late 1980s, while the Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich is brand new.

Generally speaking, Burger King fans seem excited about the new sandwiches based on comments shared via the r/fastfood section on Reddit. One person posted a comment reading in part: "I am excited, the Italian chicken sandwich is my favorite fast-food item … I will be eating a LOT of the Italian version."

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Though others echoed those sentiments, many Burger King fans also took a moment to lament the fact that the Ch'King Sandwich had been removed from the menu. The fan favorite was retired in August 2022, after only a little more than a year of availability.

One surly Redditor said: "The Ch'King was my go-to. They dropped that sandwich, I dropped BK." Another replied to that comment saying: "Ch'King was the only reason I started going back to BK. I can't stomach the original 'Chicken' sandwich."

Hopefully for Burger King, many people will be able to stomach the new "international" sandwiches—and many times at that.

Steven John
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