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5 Secrets of How Candace Cameron Bure Stays Fit at 40

Wowza! Candace Cameron is looking super fit—and not just for a 40-year-old. She could give a number of slim young starlets a real run for their money. But no matter how old you are, her get-fit hacks can help you lose 10 pounds—and keep them off for good!

Candace Cameron Bure, co-host of The View and star of the Netflix series Fuller House looks ah-mazing—and she's the first to admit that it's the result of a ton of hard work. Bure adheres to a strict diet and consistent workout schedule to stay lean and trim. But don't let the word "strict" intimidate you. While it does take some planning, her daily routine is totally doable! Here, five easy ways to cut calories and keep weight gain at bay à la Candace—pair one or two of her hacks with a few of these 50 Best Weight Loss Tips and you're bound to get the body you've always wanted in record time!

She Drinks Protein Shakes

Sometimes she kicks off her day with one, while other times she enjoys one as a post-workout treat. But no matter when she decides to sip, Cameron whips up a protein-packed shake at least once a day. Her go-to recipe? Protein powder with half a banana and some almond milk. Not only does the combination keep her full and satisfied, the sweetness helps ward off cravings for sugary, diet-derailing snacks. Whether you're looking for a recipe that's similar to the actress's go-to shake or just in search of some blender inspiration, check out these amazing protein shake recipes!

She Orders Smart

When Cameron's filming The View she gets to order lunch from anywhere she wants. (Sweet deal!) But she almost always orders the same thing: a salad! She's not chowing down on a bed of soggy greens, either. Although she likes to keep things interesting by ordering different salads each day, she does have a favorite. It's from the East coast-based juice shop, Juice Press, and it's packed with a delicious mix of kale, edamame, quinoa, and veggies.

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She Eats a Plant-Based Diet

As you can tell from her salad choice, this star prefers to receive her protein from plant-based foods. She occasionally eats fish or eggs, but relies heavily on nuts, seeds, beans, and ancient grains like quinoa to keep her muscles strong and healthy. If she's pressed for time or lacking the motivation to cook, she'll head to Whole Foods and pick up a bowl of lentil soup. Interested in adding some Candace-approved meals to your weekly lineup? Check out these 20 Protein-Packed Vegetarian Meals.

She Plans Ahead—Even When She's Traveling

As a famous actress, Candace is always on the move, which makes eating a healthy diet all the more challenging. But Candace plans her meals ahead of time so she doesn't fall off track with her routine. For example, before embarking on a six-hour flight from Hawaii, she kicked off her day with a homemade protein shake and then chowed down on an ahi tuna poke bowl for lunch so she wouldn't need to eat plane food. To keep rumbles at bay during her fight she sipped a lot of water and noshed on raw nuts and a banana.

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She Makes Fitness Fun

Candace keeps belly fat at bay by working out for at least one hour, five days per week. When she travels to NYC, she works out with her fave fitness instructor, who marries resistance training with cardiovascular conditioning to form a killer workout. She also likes to hit local hiking trails to break a sweat while taking in killer views. Follow Candace's lead and track down an active hobby (like swimming, biking, or hiking) or a fitness class at your local gym that challenges you and keeps you coming back for more.

Photos courtesy of: Helga Esteb / and @candacecbure

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