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Costco's "Best" Ice Cream Is On Sale—if You Can Find the Freezer Space

"It should be a controlled substance," one Redditor says

Attention, Costco shoppers! Clear your trunks and empty your freezers. The moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived—and just in time for the holidays. Costco has gifted us all with the sale of a lifetime. Its very best ice cream, the Kirkland Signature Super Premium half gallon, is now on sale.

Normally $15.49 for two, it's $10.99 until Dec. 18 (instant savings of $4.50), according to a very popular Reddit thread that has Costco fans going wild.

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What's so good about this ice cream, you ask? We have the answers.

According to The Kitchn, this premium ice cream has less than 50% air, meaning it has more room for butterfat. Translation: It's super creamy and delicious. In the dairy industry, anything labeled "premium" or "super premium" has an overrun of less than 50%.

kirkland signature super premium vanilla ice cream
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"It should be a controlled substance," one Redditor says. "Put some of the organic strawberry jam on top for a party in your mouth."

Note to self: Buy the Kirkland Organic Strawberry Jam.

Another Redditor says it's the best ice cream he ever ate.

"I am known as the ice-cream monster in my family although I don't look the part," he writes. "I can say the Kirkland Vanilla is the best I have had."

The bad news is that the sale may not be nationwide. One commenter in Everett, Washington, and another in Manteca, California, reported paying full price for it. The good news, however, is that the Kirkland Vanilla ice cream is reportedly the same as the Trader Joe's Super Premium French Vanilla Ice Cream. They're both made by Humboldt Creamery, and they taste exactly the same. A half gallon of the Trader Joe's ice cream is typically $6.99, depending on location—so you may want to swing by your local TJ's if it's not on sale at your local Costco.

Happy ice cream hunting!

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