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Costco Is Finally Carrying This "Addictive" Salty Snack & Shoppers Are Delighted

Several customers said they'd never seen this popular snack at their local warehouse before

While the massive size of Costco's warehouses might suggest that it has a nearly endless product selection, this isn't actually the case. The typical Costco warehouse actually carries around 4,000 different items, standing in stark contrast to the 35,000 items that other supermarkets carry on average, according to the Food Industry Association. That's because the retailer is extremely selective about the products it stocks, so you can count on members taking notice any time a new item hits shelves.

Just this week, a Costco shopper tipped off fellow members on Reddit that their local warehouse had started carrying Dot's Original Seasoned Pretzel Twists. The Dot's Homestyle Pretzels brand sells several different types of snacks, but the one spotted at Costco features pretzel twists dusted with a buttery, sweet, and spicy "top-secret seasoning blend."

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Dot's Homestyle Pretzels first time in Costco!
by u/Mw4810 in Costco

Many consumers have raved about these salty, seasoned snacks for years. So it's no surprise that Costco shoppers were delighted to hear that a warehouse was finally selling them.

"This is great news," one member commented on the Reddit post.

"Oh man if I saw those in my Costco I'd fill my cart. They are DELICIOUS," another wrote.

Costco's competitive price for Dot's pretzels was also an attractive detail for customers. Massive 35-ounce bags were selling for $9.99 at the warehouse where the shopper spotted them. Walmart currently lists 35-ounce bags online for $21.99, so customers would get just as many pretzels for less than half the price at Costco.

"Yeah, this is a good deal for a pretty expensive pretzel, a shopper commented.

It wasn't immediately clear exactly how many warehouses are currently selling Dot's pretzels since availability can vary by location. The customer who started the Reddit thread said they spotted them at Costco in Westminster, Colo., while another reported seeing them in Arvada, Colo. One customer even noted that their local warehouse had been carrying the product "for a while."

Customers who don't see Dot's pretzels at their own warehouses right now can hope that a wider rollout is on its way. And if any first-timers do happen to spot them and pick up a bag, prepare for it to be the first of many.

"Those things are addicting," a fan commented.

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