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Costco Just Launched the Ideal Fall Loaf at the Bakery

The beloved bakery section has a new savory addition.

If you're already planning scrumptious, savory meals for fall, then you definitely have to check out what Costco has just launched in their beloved bakery section. That's where you may be able to spot Kirkland Chile Cornbread. That's right, Costco's own cornbread!

"Green Chile Cornbread is NEW at Costco," the Costco Buys Instagram account wrote alongside a video that showed the eye-catching item. "This delicious cornbread [is] infused with green chiles for a slightly spicy kick to a classic! We loved it! Only $6.99!"

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Of course, how spicy you actually find it might depend on your personal taste and tolerance. Costco Hot Finds gave social media users a glimpse at the cornbread while noting in their video that "it's not spicy at all, but does have a delicious, buttery slightly sweet flavor."

"It's actually really good! It's not dry and very flavorful. I finished a whole one," one satisfied customer wrote while offering their review on Instagram. Another fan of the item gave an idea of what others can expect, noting that the bread is "really, really good" thanks to "a mild green chili taste with a buttery hint of sweet cornbread and corn dust top."

"We bought one and tried it—it's a soft, cake-like texture—more bread-ish than a traditional cornbread but the flavor was pretty good," wrote Cost Contessa who also seems to be a fan of the bakery item. Granted, there was one thing she would change, saying, "We could do without the extra cornmeal on top (which also looks artificially bright yellow and unappealing imo)—but all in all we liked it."

As for how you might want to enjoy it, one cornbread lover commented to say that they "would probably freeze it for fall chili." Another recommended enjoying it "with the hot honey." Yum and yum! "Little butter [and] fresh shredded cheddar in the toaster oven," suggested yet another Costco shopper. They added, "Fried [an] egg with bell peppers [and] onion sprinkled on top and a drizzle of Tapatio."

We'd also give it a try with some tasty barbecue before the summer ends, with stews and soups when the weather gets cooler, and a little (or a lot of) cheese during pretty much any time of year.

If this has piqued your cornbread-loving interest, then be sure to check out the bakery at your local Costco and ask about their tempting green chile cornbread. If they need a little help, the Costco Item Number is 1719750. Although the bread isn't available to order via same-day delivery as of writing, you can always grab a few loaves when they pop up in your area and after eating one or two right away, you can freeze the rest so that they're ready for a delicious food-filled fall.

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