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Costco Customers Are Complaining About This "Disappointing" Dessert

The beloved mini cakes come with one glaring omission.

What would the holidays be without a Costco treat adorning the dessert table? Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means your favorite retailer is doubling down on delectable items, like the coveted Kirkland pumpkin pie or the White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs. But with all the hype that Costco's desserts get, there are bound to be a few misses among a sea of sugary hits. And according to shoppers, one popular mini dessert turns out to be a huge disappointment.

According to Instagram account @costcobuys, the Junior Mini Cheesecakes are back in the freezer aisle at the warehouse. They come in a box of 24, which includes eight original, eight chocolate swirl, and eight strawberry swirl mini cakes. Considering the fact that each will set you back a mere 140 calories, what's not to like, right?

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Not so fast, say shoppers who tried them. Judging by the comments left on the Instagram post, these little desserts come with one glaring issue—they're missing a crust. "It's not the same without the crust," one person wrote, with another confirming that the missing crust was the reason they skipped buying the cheesecakes.

"It sucks…I unfortunately bought a box," said another person who described the disappointing product as a "nasty waste of money." Cheesecake fans were completely taken aback by this product as another follower said, "Agree!! I LOVE CHEESECAKE and these were definitely a disappointment! I threw it all away!!"

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Instagram account @snackbetch first spotted the 24-pack at Costco back in March, and even then, reactions varied. One user did issue a warning: "WARNING…these do not have GRAHAM CRACKER CRUST, if you are like me and look forward to that combination YOU will be disappointed, I had them home and cut it open just to find it out too late."

We can't say we blame the reviewers—getting a piece of cheesecake sans crust feels almost cruel. And our expectations of Costco's desserts are all the higher considering the fact that they're usually of high quality. Not to mention our expectations of Junior's, the makers of "the world's most fabulous cheesecake."

Oh well, there's always the excellent full-sized (massive, even) Kirkland cheesecake with pumpkin flavor.

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