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Olivia Bria

Olivia Bria

About author

Olivia has a bachelor's degree in communications and political science from the University of Connecticut. She is a foodie, traveler, journalist, and celebrity interviewer.

Articles by Olivia Bria

Amanda Seyfried trader joes bags
Assortment of Halloween candies
costco wholesale exterior
Woman reading the label of red wine bottle at the supermarket.
trader joe's sign
trader joe's storefront
whole foods seafood department
costco wholesale exterior
dolly parton and her duncan hines baking mixes
walmart bakery section
stew leonard's cheese section
person holding whole foods brown butter butterscotch pretzel cookie
norfolk plant sciences purple tomato
Scene from "That '90s Show," premiering Jan. 19 on Netflix
brooklyn beckham
Reese's new frozen desserts
marie kondo
person holding hostess cinnamon streusel coffee cakes
Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup ice cream
Egg prices have nearly doubled over the past year.
woman shopping at grocery store for snack food
blurred christmas supermarket interior
6 Grocery Chains With the Best Bakery Departments
platter of christmas cookies gingerbread
Hailey Bieber
kim kardashian
Costco - Alberta, Canada location
mcdonald's sign