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How to Shop Online at Costco—Even If You Don't Have a Membership

Is it possible? Yes, it is! Here's how to shop online at Costco without paying that $60 membership fee.

Running a household of any size requires strategic saving and budget-planning for most people. This is why so many Americans are always looking for the latest-and-greatest sale and clip coupons to make their dollar work harder. Some decide to opt-in for a Costco membership, starting at $60 per year, so they have the ability to buy in bulk and take advantage of great deals. For others though, that price tag isn't within the scope of their cash flow, or there isn't a Costco Wholesale within a reasonable distance of their home. Even so, they want to reap the benefits of this shopping destination, sans membership. Is it possible? Sure is!

Here are the strategic ways to do some Costco online shopping without becoming a member.

Shop deals online.

When you walk through the doors of a Costco store, you'll be asked to whip out your card, proving you have a membership. However, there is no digital security guard keeping track of who browses the web, via Members and non-members can scour through thousands of products—including electronics, pantry items and more. There is a bit of fine print to remember, however, those without a membership have to pay an extra 5 percent on all purchases. Membership-free folks don't receive the perk of free two-day shipping for orders more than $75 like members, either. Instead, you can expect your goods to be delivered within three to five business days when doing some Costco online shopping. And if you're hoping to score on Costco produce as a non-member, it's unlikely since most fresh groceries are unavailable online.

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Buy a Costco shop card.

Or otherwise known as a gift card, simply purchase any amount online. You can refill as often as you'd like, and purchase a wide selection of products at As a bonus for those who fill up their tank frequently, it also works for all of the Costco gas stations. Regardless if you're a member or not, there is no limit to how many Costco Shop Cards you can purchase, or how often you can refill them, since it only takes a quick toll-free call to adjust the balance.

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