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Costco's Ready-to-Eat Steak Receiving Rave Reviews

The item gets top marks for flavor, quality, and easy preparation.

Fast-food joints and roadside pit stops should be worried—a truck driver just revealed a secret weapon for eating well on the road, and it's a meaty item anyone with a Costco membership can get their hands on. The wholesale warehouse draws happy customers with its meat selection, but a special fandom seems to be growing for one ready-to-eat steak item in particular.

A Reddit user posted an image this week of prepackaged sous vide sirloin steak by Cuisine Solutions, which they purchased at Costco. "Great steak for an over the road truck driver," the caption said. "Should get me three meals with broccoli and instant potatoes…Costco is great for meals as I can't meal prep very often."

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The steak fan praised the quality of the product, saying that they've been disappointed by most sous vide meat products in the past, but noting that "this is an exception."

And it seems the garb-and-go item has many fans.

"This is a staple in my weight loss diet," another person commented on the post. "Steak is great – quality protein and very filling."

The user also added that the flavor of this sous vide steak is so good, they often eat it on its own, with the occasional cooked asparagus to accompany it.

Others chimed in with how they used the meat to complete their meals quickly and deliciously.

"Grab the microwave bags of cauliflower rice and broccoli," another fan advised. "175 calories for a pretty filling meal, easy to split and meal prep!"

"I love this!" another Costco shopper added. "I bring it to work with some kind of bread and half an avocado and it makes the perfect filling breakfast." Another added that they use the steak to beef up homemade pho.

One family with a newborn raved about the time saved from using the product, along with side dishes like Costco's pirogies and veggies. "One of the packages can easily feed 4 people. I just throw it in a medium hot pan for a couple minutes… it puts us at less than $5 per person for the meal."

Others said the steak is so good it doesn't even need to be heated up in order to be enjoyed. "I eat this cold right out of the package," one user admitted

One thing everyone seemed to agree on was that the sirloin was "pricey" but that the time saved cooking, and the quality of the meat itself, made it a good value product. 

The product retails for $11.49 per pound, with each package containing around two pounds of meat for an average price of $24 per package. Discounts of as much as $5 are common, depending on the store's promotion, so it's possible to have a decent amount of protein for $20 or less.

According to the package, one serving size (3 ounces) contains 120 calories, 5 grams of fat, 19 grams of protein, and 1 gram of carbohydrates. 

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