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Katka Lapelosova

Katka Lapelosova

About author

Kat is a born and raised New Yorker exploring the world as she writes, eats, and everything in between. An avid foodie, she has contributed to The Kitchn, Mashed, Traveler's Table, and other lifestyle publications to bring more tastes into the foray. When she's not writing, she's traveling with her dog Lana. You can usually find her on a sundeck somewhere with a glass of bubbly in-hand.

Articles by Katka Lapelosova

wendys spicy chicken nuggets
taco johns double stack taco
Wendy's sign
red lobster sign
domino's pizza and ranch
KFC boxes
taco bell sign
happy, young couple cuddled up watching TV on couch
taco bell sign
taco bell nacho fries
Taylor Swift drinking starbucks
mcdonald's big mac and fries
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