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Costco's Sushi Is "Not Great," According to Customers

Not all value deals are winners.

Costco is no stranger to high praise. From food court favorites to beloved baked goods, the members-only warehouse club is always generating buzz with its offerings.

But among the many crowd-pleasing products, there are bound to be some things that miss the mark. On Dec. 8, Instagram user @costcohotfinds announced that sushi has returned to a Dallas-Fort Worth store, noting three available options: 20 pieces of the California Deluxe for $9.49, 20 pieces of the California Crunch Deluxe for $10.49, and 18 pieces of the Salmon Combo Deluxe for $14.89.

Despite the value, however, not everyone welcomed this announcement with open arms.

Your Costco Membership Is About to Get More Expensive

Among the hundreds of comments on the Instagram post, one overarching sentiment appeared to dominate the conversation: disappointment with the quality of the sushi. "Unfortunately Costco sushi isn't great," one Instagrammer wrote on the post. Another one added, "Yeah I love Costco but this was not good at all."

Within the sea of opinions, several users highlighted their dislike of the sushi's rice, describing it as "dry" and "hard," with one person commenting, "🤢 it was like eating a hockey puck! No flavor! Don't [waste] your money!!" A couple of people also posited that the texture is a result of the sushi being refrigerated for too long.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that Sam's Club holds the crown when it comes to warehouse club sushi. One user called it "top tier," while another one replied by saying, "I agree 💯 Sam's Club sushi is delicious and made fresh…"

This wouldn't be the first time shoppers have left negative reviews about Costco's sushi, as multiple Reddit users have previously expressed their own dissatisfaction with the product's quality, most notably the texture.

Costco's sushi isn't the only thing customers have been complaining about lately, though. At the end of November, one Reddit user created a thread, asking community members, "What is something you would change about Costco?" The post has since accumulated over one thousand comments, many of which surround the retailers' persistent third-party salespeople, website and mobile app issues, excessive portion sizes, and extinct food court items.

Brianna Ruback
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