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4 Biggest Complaints Costco Customers Are Voicing Right Now

Have you noticed these shortcomings?

If you're looking for a one-stop shopping destination, it's hard to find a better fit than Costco. For $60 annually (or $120 if you want to go executive) club members can shop for groceries, clothes, electronics, and everything in between all under one massive roof.

Costco's emphasis on bulk goods isn't for everyone—but the warehouse brand has amassed an impressive contingent of loyal customers. Largely considered the industry leader when it comes to warehouse retail, Costco generated over $70 billion in net sales just last quarter—a notable 17.5% increase in comparison to just one year ago.

Numbers like those are undeniable, but that doesn't mean Costco customers are all smiles all the time. Members regularly post on the Costco subreddit r/Costco, and many comments are filled with complaints rather than compliments.

One post, in particular, has been picking up steam on the subreddit over the past day or so: "What is something you would change about Costco?" It's a simple question, but it clearly struck a nerve with many members. In less than 12 hours the post has garnered over 500 comments, providing an interesting peek into some of the most common complaints among Costco customers.

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Pushy salespeople

costco shopping

There's a time and a place for every sales pitch, but many Costco members simply don't want to hear it while they're trying to get their shopping done. Costco routinely allows third-party reps from various companies, from cable services to cutlery, to roam its aisles and approach shoppers with sales pitches.

The #1 comment in the Costco complaint thread, with over 800 upvotes, reads: "Ditch the salespeople from DirecTV." Another Redditor added, "And Cutco," while another said, "And solar."

Regardless of the product or service being sold, it's clear that a large portion of Costco members just want to get in, shop, and get out. "I'm sick of all the salespeople. Solar, cell phones, weird Traeger dudes. It ruins the experience," wrote another Reddit user.

Website woes

Costco website
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A significant portion of the complaints mentioned in the Reddit thread revolve around Costco's current website and mobile app. Members expect better from the Costco brand when it comes to its online services.

"And fix the app. It's a surprisingly bad app for a major company," remarked one user. Meanwhile, another post stating, "Stock info on the website!!!" has collected over 400 upvotes. Directly under that comment another Redditor added, "How about the website and app just not be hot garbage."

While those complaints are fairly general, one user dove into a bit more detail regarding their Costco website frustrations: "I don't know if it is just me but it doesn't matter what device or browser (with default settings) I use, doesn't seem to save my login info for more than a couple of days even though I check "Keep me signed in.'"

Searching for smaller portions

costco baked goods
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If there's one quality Costco is known for, it's offering shoppers a whole lot of product for their hard earned money. Sometimes, though, Costco members wouldn't mind having the option to buy less food.

Featuring over 200 upvotes, one Redditor responded to the post with: "Let me buy just 1 bag of bagels!" Directly underneath that comment, another user wrote, "Just 1 box of muffins!"

Similarly, another Reddit user would like to just buy one loaf of bread. Sporting over 190 upvotes, their comment reads: "Not having to purchase 2 of their bread items."

If you're wondering why more food is a problem, keep in mind most people's homes aren't as big as their local Costco. "I would buy more! I always look at the breads and pastries longingly and almost always pass because it's just too much and I also have a really small freezer, so I can't just save a lot for later. If I could buy one loaf or one six pack of muffins, I'd actually get them," one redditor chimed in.

Missing food court favorites

costco food court
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No trip to Costco is complete without visiting the food court for a quick bite to eat on the way out. Members, however, miss certain menu items that have disappeared over the years.

One dish that has amassed an almost cult-like following in its absence is the Combo Pizza. There's even an online petition collecting signatures to bring back this menu item loaded with various meats and veggies. One user's comment stating, "Bring back Combo Pizza!" has collected over 200 upvotes.

Besides the Combo Pizza, another user would like to see the currently discontinued Polish Dog make a comeback. This sentiment was echoed by another Redditor, who said, "Add polish dogs and onions at food court. Also add jalapenos."

All in all, it seems Costco's food court menu is in dire need of an update. "Please expand the food court menu – more options, more variety," added one user.

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