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You've Been Cracking Eggs Wrong Your Entire Life

Sick of fishing for little eggshells? Here’s how to avoid it!

When you're whipping up a delicious pan of brownies or a simple egg scramble for breakfast, be honest, how do you crack your eggs? It seems the typical way to crack an egg would be on the side of a bowl, right? Well news flash, you're actually cracking eggs wrong. Sure, it's effective, definitely gets the job done. But if you're cracking your eggs on the side of the bowl, you'll almost always get little eggshell pieces in your mixture.

Here's what happens: When you crack your egg on the side of a bowl or any other type of edge, some of that eggshell could actually enter into the egg. That means some of those little eggshell bits will go directly into your bowl, which you're going to have to fish out later. It's probably a task you're used to by this point, but what if I told you there's an easier way where you never have to worry about those pesky little eggshells ever again? Stop cracking eggs wrong, and try this trick instead.

Oh, and You've Been Scrambling Eggs Wrong Your Entire Life.

Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial for you to follow!

The proper way to crack an egg

Instead of cracking your egg on a bowl, you should actually tap it on a flat, clean surface. It may sound strange (and unsanitary), but trust me on this one. When you don't have that bowl edge that sends little shells into your egg, you won't break up those little eggshell pieces and get them in your bowl.

To properly crack your egg, tap the egg on a flat surface. When it starts to break, gently crack open the eggs using clean hands. This will help prevent any eggshells from going into your egg, and into the bowl. You're welcome.

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How to get little eggshells out of the bowl

Now on the rare occasion, you do find yourself having to fish for eggshell pieces, there's actually a nifty trick to do that quickly. If you've tried fishing them out with a spoon before, you know that clearly doesn't work.

Instead, an easy way to get those little pieces out of the bowl is to scoop them out with the eggshell in your hand. The eggshell will attract the little pieces and help you scoop them out with ease.

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