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This Fast-Food Burger Sold Out In Two Hours Last Year—and Now It's Coming Back

Here's how to get your hand on the funky cheeseburger this time around.

It started out as an April Fool's joke in 2021, but became a bizarre reality that keeps on getting more real and more popular in 2022. The "joke" burger sold by Culver's became one of the most buzzed-about fast-food items, thanks to its new take on cheese—one you won't find anywhere else. The novelty ended up selling out before most could get their hands on it, which is why Culver's has decided to bring it back for an encore appearance this fall.

Culver's is reprising its Curderburger—a deluxe ButterBurger topped with a massive fried cheese patty—on October 12. The "crown of golden fried cheese," as the company calls it, is made from cheddar. There will also be lettuce and tomatoes.

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The Curderburger had only one shot at stardom so far, and it exceeded the company's expectations. During a one-day event last year, 136,000 Curderburgers were sold, setting a single-day sales record, according to the Green Bay Gazette. The limited supplies ended up selling out in under two hours at most locations, according to Restaurant Business.

It simply wasn't fair. It sounded so delicious, so how could Culver's tease us with such a mouth-watering creation and then not have enough for everyone? Customers hoped for a second shot at trying the item and the chain finally caved.



To commemorate this limited-time menu addition, the chain will reward several lucky fans with a Curderburger t-shirt. Enter to win by uploading a photo of your burger or your receipt between October 12 (just ahead of National Curd Day on October 15) through October 31, or while supplies last. And those supplies may be short—each location will stock about 1,000 curd crowns, WGN reports.

"We realized we had to bring it back in a much larger way for 2022, and we're hopeful our guests will say it was worth the wait," says Quinn Adkins, Culver's director of menu development in a statement.

And fans agree!

"I know this is just April fools, but that is a great idea," one person wrote after the initial announcement.

Culver's, a Wisconsin-based burger chain, is known for its fresh beef, small batch frozen custard (similar to ice cream but thicker), and cheese curds, which come from a Wisconsin dairy farm. Today, there are nearly 1,000 Culver's locations in the United States, and 16% are still in Wisconsin.

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