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Doritos Is Turning the Iconic Mountain Dew Baja Blast Drink Into a Chip

The new chips are hitting stores this month—but only for a limited time.
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Baja Blast, Taco Bell's famous turquoise Mountain Dew beverage, is now being reimagined. To celebrate the soda's 20th anniversary (or "Bajaversary," if you will), Mountain Dew has partnered with Doritos to release a chip inspired by the tropical lime-flavored soft drink: Doritos Baja Fiery Mango.

The launch of this new flavor marks the chip brand's first Baja-inspired innovation. Doritos described this flavor as "spice-packed and tangy," adding that this product "is another way the brand is showcasing its dedication to bringing unexpected flavor experiences to loyal Doritos fans."

The new chips, which will only be available for a limited time, will hit select retailers starting April 14 before rolling out to retailers nationwide beginning April 28. The chips will be available in 2.6-ounce, nine-ounce, and 18.3-ounce club-sized bags. They will also be sold online in eight-count variety packs, which will include Doritos Nacho Cheese and Doritos Cool Ranch. Customers will be able to purchase these variety packs on Doritos' website and

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According to a brand representative, Doritos didn't only want to bring the flavors of Baja Blast to the chips.


bag of doritos baja fiery mango chips
Courtesy of Doritos

"The team was particularly drawn to the mango habanero flavor combination, as it's a proliferating flavor on menus and felt truer to [the] Doritos brand and the flavor experiences Doritos consumers are seeking," the spokesperson told Eat This, Not That!

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The Bajaversary celebration goes beyond the debut of Doritos Baja Fiery Mango. Customers can scan the packaging of any Baja product for a chance to redeem various items like Doritos x BAJAgear, accessories, electronics, and a Taco Bell deal. These will be available on the Baja Blast shop.

Baja Blast's 20th-anniversary celebration first kicked off in January, when PepsiCo announced that the Taco Bell-exclusive beverage would be available at retailers nationwide all year. The drink is currently sold in bottles and cans. Then in March, Mountain Dew rolled out two limited-time Baja flavors: Laguna Lemonade and Point Break Punch.

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Baja Blast also made headlines in February when Taco Bell announced the return of its Mtn Dew Baja Blast Gelato during its Live Más Live event. This creamy frozen treat first hit select Taco Bell restaurants as a test during the summer of 2023. The gelato is slated to arrive at Taco Bell locations nationwide for a limited time at the end of the summer.

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