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The Easiest Way to Slim Down Your Iced Coffee

Get this: Sixty-five percent of coffee lovers add cream, sugar, or a combination of both to soften the acidic bite of their morning cup of joe.

Although adding two or three 13-calorie packets of Domino sugar or a 40-calorie splash of cream to your cup might not seem like a big deal, those daily additions can add up to substantial weight gain over time. And if fancy, flavored coffee drinks are your go-to, those cost your waistline at least 200 nutrient-void calories daily. That adds up to 20 pounds per year.

But we get it: These drink add-ons are the only things that make sipping a cup of coffee palatable for some people, and suggesting that they get nixed altogether just isn't realistic. The calorie and sugar-saving solution: cold-brew coffee.

Cold-brewed coffee (you know, the variety Starbucks just started selling) has a less acidic flavor than its hot-brewed, conventional counterparts. In fact, one study found that cold brewing reduces the acidic, burnt flavor of coffee by a whopping 67 percent! So why not use this to your advantage to save some calories? Next time you get an iced coffee, opt for the cold-brewed variety and cut the amount of cream, sugar or flavored sweeteners you use in half. Your cup of joe will still likely taste just as pleasing because of its less-bitter base, and you'll be slashing the calories in your drink by half. It's a win-win!

Dana Leigh Smith
Dana has written for Women's Health, Prevention, Reader's Digest, and countless other publications. Read more about Dana Leigh