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You Can Watch the Most Epic Food Fails on TV Tonight

MTV's new show 'Deliciousness' chronicles the most hilarious food and drink fails on the Internet.

Tonight at 7pm ET/PT, MTV is debuting a brand-new show called Deliciousness—a cheeky spin-off of the hit series Ridiculousness that will chronicle the most epic food and drink fails the Internet has to offer.

The show is hosted by '90s icon Tiffani Thiessen (yes, of Saved by the Bell and Dinner at Tiffani's fame), who will be reviewing hilarious, messy, and embarrassing kitchen mishaps caught on video with the help of The Office's Angela Kinsey, Kenan & Kel's Kel Mitchell, and Basic to Bougie's Tim Chantarangsu. (Pair your TV-night-in with one of these 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.)

This week's episodes will pay homage to holiday foods—and everything that can go wrong when attempting to make or bake them. Check out the trailer below:

"From food blunders to restaurant server fails to kids in the kitchen and more, Deliciousness helps satisfy the foodie in all of us, " MTV says about the new show in a press release. You might also like it if you're just looking to smile and watch something new on TV (and, hey, who isn't these days?).

Of course, we know everyone can't be a master chef or star baker, and when amateurs attempt recipes designed for the pros, funny food fails are born. So, to celebrate the premiere of Deliciousness, here is Eat This, Not That!'s roundup of the most epic food fails we could find—from a restaurant salad garnished with four single Cheez-Its to a monster meatloaf gone seriously awry.


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