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Ex-McDonald's Chef Reveals How to Make the Chain's Hot Mustard Sauce at Home

You'll only need two ingredients!

McDonald's may be famous for its burgers and fries, but it's also the dipping sauces that often steal the spotlight. That's why plenty of people were thrilled when a chef who used to work for the chain revealed how to make one of McDonald's most popular sauces at home.

Mike Haracz (@chefmikeharacz), a former McDonald's corporate chef who shares insider tips on his TikTok account, posted a video with tips on how to recreate Mickey D's hot mustard dipping sauce at home.

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According to Haracz, you'll need to pick up two different sauces from the grocery store, that, when blended together, come as close as you can get to the chain's famous concoction. He notes that the McDonald's sauce is, in fact, mayo-based, so the first thing you'll need for this "recipe" is Heinz's Mayomust, which you'll use as that creamy base. It's a relatively new product on grocery store shelves that combines the creaminess of mayo with a tangy bite of mustard.

Although you could use this on your nuggets or fries as is, you'll need to do one more thing to turn it into "a very close McDonald's hot mustard dupe." You'll need to add a couple of shots of Tabasco sauce. And voila, that's all there really is to it!

Haracz's followers took to the comments to share their results, with one person saying, "I just made the mayomust and Tabasco and confirmed it's identical."

mcdonald's hot mustard sauce


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On the other hand, some weren't as impressed. One person commented, "It's not working for me, I mean it's a good combo, I like it, I'm just not getting McDonald's hot mustard."

A few other people had their own suggestions when it came to imitating the McDonald's sauce, with one saying, "Great Value Southwest Hot Mustard is not only the closest but better."

Of course, there's always another option if you don't feel like making your own hot mustard sauce. As one TikTok user wrote, "Or, you just get extra hot mustard packs every time you're at the restaurant and save them…but I wouldn't know anything about that. Hmmmm."

If you want to try to make your sauce from scratch (or almost from scratch), there are plenty of other dupes out there. For instance, Copy Kat Recipes suggests using store-bought mustard, corn syrup, cayenne pepper, soy sauce, sugar, white distilled vinegar, mustard powder, and spicy brown mustard. You can also add a touch of turmeric for color. Simply put all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir them up. Let your mixture rest overnight and voila! You've made your very own hot mustard dipping sauce.

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