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Ex-McDonald's Chef Claims You Can Find Big Mac Sauce At the Grocery Store

He claims a popular retailer sells an almost identical condiment.

McDonald's Big Mac Sauce is one of the most iconic fast-food condiments on the market. But aside from the chain temporarily selling dipping cups of the Thousand Island-like sauce earlier this year and giving away thousands of bottles back in 2017, there hasn't really been a way for devoted customers to enjoy the sauce at home—or has there? A McDonald's insider just revealed that one of America's biggest retailers sells a sauce that's remarkably close in taste to the famous condiment.

Mike Haracz, a TikToker and former McDonald's corporate chef who frequently shares insider info and ordering tips for the chain (@chefmikeharacz), recently set out on a mission to find the closest thing to Big Mac Sauce at grocery stores. In a video last week that has racked up nearly 360,000 views, he explained that he compared the ingredient lists for a variety of sauces to the famous McDonald's condiment. Haracz also viewed the nutrition information for the grocery store sauces to find one as close as possible to Big Mac Sauce.

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The grocery store sauce that ended up being most in line with the taste, ingredients, and nutrition info of Big Mac Sauce was Walmart's Great Value Secret Sauce, according to Haracz.

"Look at the ingredients statement. It's almost identical. There [are] a few things in different orders. When you taste it, you'll notice it's slightly sweeter. But this is the closest thing you could get from the supermarket that is almost exactly like Big Mac Sauce from McDonald's," he said.

Great Value Secret Sauce

The catch, of course, is that this isn't technically Big Mac sauce. But Haracz swears that apart from a few minor differences, it's the closest thing you can get to the iconic McDonald's condiment at the grocery store.

The components in each sauce are undeniably similar. Both list soybean oil, relish, water, and egg yolks as their first four ingredients. Additionally, a serving of both sauces clocks in at 140 calories, and the fat content in both options is almost exactly the same (Big Mac Sauce contains 13 grams of fat while Great Value's Secret Sauce contains 14).

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Haracz did note that he had trouble finding the Great Value Secret Sauce and warned customers may have trouble getting their hands on a bottle as well. But other McDonald's fans who have tried the Great Value version backed up his claim that it's very similar to the Big Mac sauce customers know and love.

"I bought this over the summer. It's a winner for sure," one TikToker commented on the video.

"I knew it. I have used it and it does taste the same," another wrote.

For any customers looking for a more exact replica of McDonald's Big Mac Sauce, Haracz has you covered on that front as well. He posted his own Big Mac Sauce recipe on TikTok last year that only requires a few ingredients and a mixing bowl.

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