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Major Exercise Secrets To Live to 100 and Beyond, Trainer Reveals

We have some longevity secrets you won't want to miss.

If you're looking to lead a long, healthy, and downright amazing existence, we have your fountain of youth. There are some little daily habits you can add to your routine that'll help you achieve longevity. For instance, you may be surprised to learn that flossing your teeth can actually decrease your risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease, according to Health. In addition, pursuing hobbies you love, getting a sufficient amount of rest, making social plans, reducing stress, not overdoing it with alcohol, and exercising can boost your chances of living longer. We have you covered with the fitness part of the recipe with some major exercise secrets to live to 100 and beyond.

We spoke with Heesun Kim, a personal trainer on Fyt, the biggest personal training service in the nation, who reveals why staying active and in shape is imperative as you age. Kim points out there are both mental and physical benefits, which is crucial considering that the modern lifestyle has become extremely sedentary. Getting up and active as you grow older helps you maintain a healthy weight, boosts your brain function, helps you manage chronic pain, controls your energy levels and mood, and alleviates stress.

According to a study published in Circulation, individuals who stuck to the minimum guidelines for physical activity, which includes 150 to 300 minutes of moderately intense exercise or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous exercise every week, decreased their chance of suffering from early mortality by up to 21% (via Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health). Individuals who got active two to four times the minimum requirement reduced their chance of dying early even more—up to 31%! The study looked at 30 years of medical records and info on mortality from over 100,000 adults who took part in the Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study.

Moral of the story? Exercising as you age is not a question; it's a must-do. Now that we know the benefits of keeping up with regular exercise, let's dive into the exercise secrets to live to 100 and beyond.

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What are some exercise secrets that can lead to a long, healthy life?

mature man doing side lunges, demonstrating exercise habits to slow muscle aging

First and foremost, Kim stresses that your main focus shouldn't be on what's trending. "Trends are trends for a reason, and they will change with time," Kim tells us, adding, "Take the time to try that new exercise, work with a trainer, or even hop on a virtual class. Keep an open mind with no expectations until you are ready to commit." Establish what you genuinely enjoy and what delivers results based on your personal workout goals.

Next up, be sure to carve out time on your calendar every week for some physical activity. Let's be honest: A good part of the time, you may not be in the mood to exercise, or you might feel like you don't really have the time for it. By blocking out necessary fitness time on your calendar, you'll hold yourself accountable. This will get easier as time goes by; just don't forget to reward yourself!

Last but not least, change the way you think about exercise. Kim says, "Remind yourself that exercising is not a punishment for your other poor choices. Instead, tell yourself that exercising is a celebration of your abilities, strength, and willpower. You are strong, and you can accomplish what you set out to achieve."

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