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8 Fast-Food Chains That Can Cater Your Big Game Watch Party

The BIG game means big eats.

On an average Super Bowl Sunday, Americans eat about 1.4 billion chicken wings. Plus, they will order about 12.5 million pizzas on the day of the Big Game. Long story short, the so-called Big Game means big business for food companies that are satisfying the appetites of American sports fans.

And, if you want to cater your Super Bowl party this year, you have a big selection of restaurants from which to do so, and while wings and pizza are always welcome, you can go way beyond these classic fan foods and opt for meaty burgers, bags of burritos, soups, salads, and more. Here are 8 fast-food chains you can use to cater a great Super Bowl bash.

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subway catering
Subway / Facebook

Sure, most of us think of Subway as a place to grab a quick lunch during the workweek or as a safe staple as we road trip along, but the chain does a brisk catering business as well. You can order bundles that include sandwiches, chips, and cookies, you can get sandwich and wrap platters, and you can even pre-order entire individually packed meals. The platters may be your best bet, as you can order them with five different types of sandwiches or wraps included.



Smashburger has some excellent catering options, including a Burger Bar delivered right to your location (or picked up at theirs). The Burger Bar comes with as many burgers and buns as you want plus prepared toppings so your party guests can create personalized burgers. You can also order salads, tenders, wings, and of course fries.


Chipotle/ Yelp

It only makes sense that the chain known for burritos as big as footballs offers catering that's great for football's biggest day. Chipotle offers burrito boxes that start sized for six-person groups but they can be endlessly enlarged. And when you order Chipotle for a group, you actually get great prices too: a burrito box that serves 10 means paying $8.75 per person.

Pizza Hut

pizza hut pizza
Pizza Hut/ Yelp

An on-the-nose choice, to be sure, but Pizza Hut is indeed a great choice for Super Bowl party catering because the chain offers so many classic football fan foods, like pizza and wings. But there are some other options, like fries, breadsticks, and pastas to round out your party. Plus, desserts, too.

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Boston Market

Boston Market thanksgiving
Courtesy of Boston Market

Boston Market is a great choice for catering your holiday parties, right? So why not use the chain's comforting eats on this biggest day in American sports? You can order fully-plated meals or a buffet-style spread and the company claims to be able to serve groups from as small as five people to as large as 5,000-plus, so you'll have plenty of eats.

Panera Bread

panera family feast
Courtesy of Panera

It's hard to beat a great sandwich, but one thing that does it is lots of great sandwiches. And salads and soups and specialty beverages and pastries and such. When you order catering from Panera, you can plan the menu yourself or generate a unique event link you can share with your guests that lets them put in their own orders, which is a clever touch, not to mention less guesswork for the host or hostess.

Panda Express

Panda express family feast
Courtesy of Panda Express

Panda Express is a great choice for party catering because the huge portions you'll get mean everyone can share the eats, and we all know that mixing and matching is the best way to make a great meal when it comes to Chinese food. The chain offers party trays that can be scaled up to suit even large gatherings.

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Domino's pizza, lava cakes, and garlic knots
Domino's Pizza / Facebook

Pizza Hut may have Dominos beat in terms of the variety of wings on offer (and the potion size of wings you can order) but Dominos is the winner in terms of overall variety of foods you can have delivered for your party. The chain offers sandwiches, pasta, salads, chicken, desserts, and of course lots of pizza, too.

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