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The 3 Best Floor Exercises To Tone Sagging Arm Skin, Trainer Says

Goodbye, sagging arm skin. Hello, toned arms.
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Meeting your weight loss goals is truly such a wonderful achievement to be proud of. One problem you may experience after dropping that weight, though, and also as you age, is having sagging skin. Other than the stomach, the most common part of the body where people experience sagging skin is in their arms. In order to improve sagging skin, you'll need to do strength training and build muscle. Because the skin tends to sag on the triceps, you'll have to perform movements that directly target them. So, we've done the hard work for you and put together the best floor exercises to tone sagging arm skin.

Besides doing presses and triceps extensions, you can incorporate these effective floor exercises to help tone sagging skin. This course of fitness is great because you can use the resistance of your body weight to build strength and muscle in your arms. Plus, you can do these exercises just about anywhere, including your home gym and even when you're traveling.

We've got you covered. If your goal is to tone sagging arm skin, you can easily incorporate the following three floor exercises into your normal routine. Your goal should be to aim for 3 to 4 sets of each exercise listed below. And next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.


pushup exercise to tone sagging arm skin
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

For this first exercise, assume a plank position with your body in a completely straight line above the ground. Start the movement with your feet together and shoulders in line with your wrists. Keeping your core tight and glutes squeezed, lower yourself under control until your chest touches the floor. Then, push yourself back up. Complete 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

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Plank to Pushup

plank to pushup
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

For this plank to pushup, get into a forearm plank position with your back and core tight and your glutes squeezed. Start the exercise by pushing yourself up with one hand, and then finishing with the other. Return to the plank position, and then start the movement with the other arm. Perform 3 to 4 sets of 5 to 8 reps for each arm.

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Bench Dips

bodyweight dips exercise to tone sagging arm skin
Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

Find a sturdy surface for this exercise, one you can place your palms on, such as a ledge or beam. Get into position with your arms firmly on the surface and feet in front of you. Keep your chest tall and core tight, break from the elbows, and lower yourself under control. Come down until your arms are about parallel to the ground, then drive yourself back up, flexing your triceps hard to finish. Complete 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

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Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.
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