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Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

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Tim Liu, CSCS, is an online fitness and nutrition coach based in Los Angeles. Tim helps busy men and women lose fat and build muscle without having to live in the gym. He teaches clients sustainable habits so they can not only lose weight but also keep it off.

In addition to being a strength and conditioning coach, Tim is also a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach and Certified Coach through the Online Trainer Academy. You can find Tim on his website at and on Instagram @timliufitness

Articles by Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

middle-aged woman demonstrating resistance band exercises to get stronger as you age
muscular man performing dumbbell exercises to build up boulder shoulders
happy fitness woman doing split squats workout to get rid of hip fat fast
man performing pushup exercises to lose belly fat
man performing dumbbell bicep curls part of standing ab workout
woman running outdoors in the winter to double the belly fat burn
fit woman outdoors demonstrating best stretches for walkers
fitness man with dumbbells demonstrates how to get rid of fat rolls
woman demonstrates how to gain muscle mass with dumbbell exercises at gym
woman performing dumbbell exercises at the gym to lose arm fat
fit woman on gym machine demonstrating workout to achieve a slim, toned body for good
mature women performing side planks, demonstrating how to improve your core strength
woman performing machine workout exercises for a slimmer figure
fit woman demonstrating barbell exercise to melt your midriff bulge
mature man with kettlebell at gym performing exercises to lose belly fat
mature fitness couple using dumbbells for exercises to slow aging in your 50s
woman performing free weights workout to fight the middle-aged spread
man autumn workout running demonstrating exercises to increase your stamina
woman barbell beach workout demonstrating how to lose thigh fat
fit man outdoors performing visceral fat reducer exercises to lose visceral fat after 40
woman step-ups exercise part of workout lose five inches off your waist
fitness woman in the snow demonstrating bodyweight dips workout to strengthen your muscles
fit couple outdoors demonstrating floor workout to build lean muscle as you age
side plank with dumbbells exercises to get a smaller waist at 40
man performing plank exercises to lose five inches of belly fat
mature man demonstrating suspension strap exercises for stronger muscles in your 50s
woman demonstrating outdoor rowing exercises lose five inches of belly fat
man demonstrates suspension strap workout to get rid of the middle-aged spread
senior biking outdoors, demonstrating exercises to slow down aging in your 60s
mature woman performing side plank in autumn leaves to slow muscle aging