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24 DIY Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

These food-focused costumes let you have your cake…and wear it, too!

If you're like me, Halloween isn't about sexy cats or scare-your-neighbors'-kids monster masks. It's about coming up with the most creative, smirk-inducing costume you can think of. And that's why I make it my mission every year to discover the punniest outfits I can find. This year, I'm searching for a food-related get-up. And no, it's not just because many of the costumes require carrying around real food that you might get to snack on throughout the night as you get hungry. (Just kidding, that is partly why.)

Below, we've compiled a collection of easy-to-make, DIY, funny foodie finds. If you try out any of these costumes, please share them with us using the hashtag #ETNThalloween! Need some more Halloween advice? Figure out what bags of sweets you should be using to fill up your candy cauldron by using our ultimate guide: The 52 Best and Worst Halloween Candies—Ranked!

Dunkin Donuts

Photo courtesy of @celiasm

Grab your favorite NBA team's jersey, an inflatable tube, a basketball, some sweatbands, and a buddy (it is Dunkin Donuts, after all) to complete this super simple costume.

Kevin Bacon & Deviled Egg

Photo courtesy of @catchingfirefliescom

Try a punny take on a classic breakfast duo: bacon and eggs. Hollywood legend Kevin Bacon's (famous for starring in movies from Footloose to A Few Good Men) name easily lends itself to a Halloween pun. All you have to do is get a nametag, write "Kevin" on it, and place it on your bacon costume. As for the eggs? A pitchfork and horns turn your innocent morning protein into Deviled Eggs!

Iron Chef

Photo courtesy of @ashleighcolbour

"Allez cuisine!" Grab a chef's hat, whisk, apron, and print out the atomic symbol for iron (Fe) to turn into a knife-slinging iron chef!

Pigs in a Blanket

Photo courtesy of @becky_homecky

Farm animals are a classic Halloween go-to. Take your pig costume to the next level of funny by simply wrapping yourself (or you and a friend) in a blanket to turn into your favorite game-day appetizer. You'll stay warm and impress your friends with your clever outfit.

Taco Belle

Photo courtesy of @karacatherine12

Who needs a Beast when this Disney princess has an order of her favorite Mexican fast food? We just hope Belle read Every Menu Item at Taco Bell—Ranked! to grab an Eat This!-approved pick.

Dairy Queen

Photo courtesy of @emmahaugheey

Their Blizzards might be full of sugar, but their name makes the perfect set up for a Halloween costume. To be the reigning Dairy Queen, combine a cow costume (or milk carton from above) with a crown.

Hawaiian Punch

Photo courtesy of @KatyFinch

While we may not recommend feeding this mixture of high fructose corn syrup and fruit juice concentrate to your kids, it'll be sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests at your Halloween party. To put it together, just dust off your boxing gloves (or a pair of Socker Boppers), throw on your favorite Hawaiian T-shirt, and pair with a couple leis.

Double-Stuffed Oreos

Photo courtesy of @lindsay__wallace

They might be one of the 30 Worst Supermarket Cookies in America, but they certainly make a clever Halloween costume! You and your other half need a white long-sleeved t-shirt and hat. Cut out two identical circles out of black poster boards and use a white permanent marker to doodle the classic Oreo pattern (or just write "Oreo" if you're less creatively-inclined). Tie a knot at the end of four lengths of white ribbon, punch holes in the poster board, and thread ribbon through to make yourself some straps.

Cereal Killer

Photo courtesy of @nick.bernard

Considering the fact that many boxed cereal brands can serve upwards of 20 grams of sugar per serving, this costume is certainly Eat This!-approved—especially if you choose to stick a knife in one of these 20 Worst "Good-For-You" Cereals. Stick a couple plastic knives in cereal boxes and tape them to a jumpsuit or regular T-shirt to become a "cereal" killer.

French Toast

Photo courtesy of @shontemarie

Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day for more than one reason, like the fact that one of your favorite dishes can inspire your Halloween costume. Throw together a beret, striped shirt, red scarf, and construction paper cut-out of toast to make none other than French Toast.


Photo courtesy of @lenadong

Go back to the literal meaning of the term "breadwinner" by throwing on one of those medals collecting dust in your attic and holding a few loaves of bread. The best part of this costume? You'll have something to snack on if you get hungry.

Bag of M&Ms

Photo courtesy of @goreisforgirls

Combine your love of sweets with your fascination with rap in this last-minute costume. All you have to do is tape print-outs of the rapper, Eminem, onto a black trash bag, and voila! You're a bag of M&M's!

Candy [W]rappers

Photo courtesy of @alliecostello

Another pairing of music and candy! Tape candy wrappers onto your clothing, pair with some sunglasses, a backwards hat, a bandana, loose pants, and a baggy sweatshirt to become a candy rapper.

Life of the Party

Photo courtesy of @juliannabrunn

Unbox those leftover party decorations, toot a party horn, and hang a Life cereal box around your neck. Make sure to tear up the dance floor!


Superfoods to the rescue! Fend off villainous excess weight by dressing up as a new class of superhero: food! Write "food" on a plain t-shirt and wear a cape, mask, and powerbands to complete the ensemble.

Fruit Salad

Photo courtesy of @meg_har15

Gather your friends and throw together a delicious costume. We love this combination of orange, watermelon, pineapple, and grapes!

Cookie Monster

Photo courtesy of @priscillagarz

This Cookie Monster costume also doubles as a "life of the party" costume since you'll get to carry around a box of cookies all night.

Dr. Pepper

Photo courtesy of @alliemadisonn_

Paging Doctor Pepper! Doctor Pepper! Instead of sipping on the soda, grab some scrubs and throw on a name tag: "Dr. Pepper".


Photo courtesy of @kateyjberry

This one's for all you nerds out there. To refresh your memory, antioxidants are the super compounds found in fruits and veggies that "mop up" DNA-damaging free radicals that can cause inflammation, cancer, and mental decline. To complete this costume, have someone dress up like a free (released handcuff) "radical" (hippie). To be the antioxidant all you have to do is chase the free radical with a mop!


Photo courtesy of @thinkingcloset

Tag! You're it! The hashtag (#) has transcended social media and is now even used in daily conversations with your #squad. To bring the trend to life, you'll need a partner and some poster boards. Write "Hash Browns" across the container, and doodle in some crunchy potatoes. Run around chasing your partner all night to complete the look.


Photo courtesy of @balloontime

Need an idea for a group costume by tomorrow? Here's your solution. Run to your nearest drugstore and purchase a couple balloons in each color of the rainbow. Tape them to a shirt of a corresponding color and then tack on a cut-out "S" to turn into the colorful candy, Skittles. Then find out where they rank in our exclusive guide, 52 Best and Worst Halloween Candies—Ranked!

Mixed Green Salad

Photo courtesy of @smart_marsha

This super subtle costume works by yourself or with a group. All you have to do is make sure everyone is wearing a different shade of green (or you can wear all green) to become mixed greens… AKA a salad! If you want to add some effort, everyone can hold a different salad topper: croutons, cherry tomatoes, onions, or carrots.


Photo courtesy of @creepygnomes

Remember that shakeweight you bought a few years ago and never use? Now's the time to put it to good use! Repurpose your exercise equipment by pairing it with a milk carton costume and a red balloon cherry to become… a milkshake! You'll get laughs—and a bit of a workout. No shakeweight? No problem. Just shimmy your milk carton around all night long!

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