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Gordon Ramsay Named Most Successful Celebrity Chef of 2023—See the Full List

Ramsay wins by a mile in almost every category measured.

Chef Gordon Ramsay is a household name. Besides being a successful restaurateur, businessman, TV star, and cookbook author, the 56-year-old Briton also holds several distinguished awards and titles—from OBE (Order of the British Empire awarded by Queen Elizabeth II) to a Guinness World Record for speed of filleting a fish.

But just how successful Gordon Ramsay is comes into view when compared to other major celebrity chefs of our day. According to research conducted by, Ramsay is the most successful celebrity chef worldwide in 2023, based on factors like social media following, number of restaurants and Michelin stars, and several other metrics.

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In terms of social media success, arguably the most demonstrative yardstick of the moment, Ramsay has more than 14.6 million followers on Instagram alone, while his closest competitor, Chef Vikas Khanna, has 3.9 million followers. For reference, most celebrity chefs, including huge names like Wolfgang Puck, don't even broach the million-follower mark.

In terms of the value of that social media presence, Ramsay is a runaway success too. Slingo reports that each of his posts is valued at £131,143, which correlates to roughly $169,489. That means that Ramsay's social media posts generate a million dollars of revenue every six days. The next highest-earning celebrity chef in terms of social media post value earns 3.65 times less than Ramsay.

Ramsay currently owns and operates 56 restaurants worldwide, in countries like China, France, and Malaysia. The next most-prolific celebrity chef in this category is Alain Ducasse, who has 36 restaurants, followed by Wolfgang Puck with 35.

Ramsay trails another chef in just two categories commented on by the Slingo report, and he is a close contender in both: Michelin stars and global reach. Ramsay's restaurants have been awarded a grand total of 16 Michelin stars, surpassed only by the 17 awarded to Alain Ducasse. Achieving just one such honor is, of course, the dream of every professional chef far and wide, so those numbers are staggering either way. In terms of international spread, Ramsay currently has restaurants in seven countries, a tie with Wolfgang Puck and a runner-up to Alain Ducasse, who has a footprint in nine.

All told, though, Ramsay is clearly the most successful celebrity chef of 2023, and it's entirely unlikely he'll be dethroned in 2024.

Here's a full list of the most successful celebrity chefs in 2023:

1. Gordon Ramsay
2. Yannick Alléno
3. Alain Ducasse
4. Pierre Gagnaire
5. Martin Berasategui
6. Jordi Cruz
7. Vikas Khanna
8. Anne-Sophie Pic
9. Quique Dacosta
10. Wolfgang Puck

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