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Häagen-Dazs Is Taking Over the Freezer Aisle with 4 New Ice Cream Treats

Each come with an innovative new style of ice cream cone.

America, have we gotten too lazy to scoop ice cream into a cone for ourselves?

The freezer section at your local supermarket is full of conical treats that come pre-filled and ready to eat, from the age-old Drumstick to the modern mini cones from Trader's Joes (it's impossible to eat just one). Even longstanding dessert brands like Klondike can't resist putting their own new spin on the classic cone. The company launched Klondike Cones in 2021, nearly a century after its original Klondike Bar.

Now, Häagen-Dazs is joining the frosty party with its own innovation, the Butter Cookie Cone.

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The new dessert is just what it sounds like: a thick, crunchy butter cookie, shaped into a cone. It's also lined in chocolate and comes pre-filled with one of four flavors of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Choose between vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and coffee. Various sauces are drizzled on top, depending on the chosen flavor, including chocolate fudge, espresso, raspberry and caramel, along with sprinkles of cookie pieces or chocolate curls.

Elizabell Marquez, chief marketing officer of Häagen-Dazs parent company Dreyer's Grand Ice-Cream, described the new cone as an "extraordinary innovation" that capitalizes on the "handheld ice cream trend," according to a press release. "Frozen snacks have experienced explosive growth over the years, and as category leaders, we recognized an opportunity for the Butter Cookie Cone to deliver on next level indulgence consumers desire and only Haagen-Dazs can deliver."

The new cones, starting at $8.99 for a box of four, will be available at retailers nationwide by April, though a quick check on Instacart finds that they're already available in Illinois.

"This is just the beginning of the Butter Cookie Cone," Rachel Jaiven, the head of Häagen-Dazs marketing, said in a statement. "We look forward to delighting existing and new Häagen-Dazs fans with this decadent new cone experience that is incredibly delicious and unique."

Danielle Braff
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