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Oreo Just Revealed Its Newest Cookie Flavor—And It's the "Most Oreo" One Yet

Milk's favorite cookie is innovating once again.

If there's one cookie brand that's not afraid to shake up its flavor offerings, it's the iconic Oreo. The 110-year-old sandwich cookie has more than 85 different varieties, with some raising more eyebrows than others. We're talking Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wing, people.

Now, the brand is releasing yet another new, limited-time flavor—but this one is inspired by the actual Oreo itself. Made with two chocolate-flavored wafers and filled with the "Most Stuf" levels of creme, as well as tiny Oreo cookie bits inside the stuffing, the new flavor is being called "The Most Oreo Oreo."

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The cookies-and-creme-flavored Oreo is now available for presale on and will hit the shelves nationwide on Jan. 30.

the most oreo oreo package
Courtesy of Oreo

Leveraging the "meta" element of the Oreo-filled Oreo, the new flavor launch is being used to "[twist] open a space in the metaverse for Oreo lovers—the Oreoverse." Fans can access this metaverse experience by scanning a QR code on the cookie package, which will allow them to play cookie-themed games in a chance to win prizes, including a $50,000 grand prize.

"We're so excited to enter the metaverse! Oreo is the cookie that begs to be played with and we love to create new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share that playful spirit," Julia Rosenbloom, Oreo's senior brand manager, said in a press release.

Fans can now access the Oreoverse in the virtual reality game Meta Horizon Worlds using their Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets, or they can visit

To add a spin on the fun, Martha Stewart and her close friend-slash-gardener, Ryan McCallister, will also be streaming their Oreoverse experience on Jan. 30 at 10 a.m. EST. Oreo's corporate parent, Mondelēz International, noted in its press release that the experience "is bound to be stuffed with witty banter, playful blunders, and friendly competition." Fans can tune in by visiting @oreo on Facebook or Instagram.

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