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Hailey Bieber Announces Her New Cooking Series—and Stirs Up Backlash

The model will welcome viewers into her kitchen and cook the things she loves to eat.

TikTok has quickly become a source of breaking celebrity news, and Hailey Bieber is a name that can pique interest at the drop of a hat. The model and wife of superstar Justin Bieber took to the social media platform to announce a new cooking series she's creating on YouTube, which sent her followers into a tizzy. While many can't wait to see her work her magic in the kitchen, others are more skeptical of her cooking prowess (and her motivation behind the new venture.)

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so excited to introduce a brand new series on my yt channel, WHAT'S IN MY KITCHEN? this series is inspired by your response to me making the pizza toast, creamy tuscan pasta, smoothies, and more. I'm excited to take you all even deeper into my actual home kitchen!

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Hailey's new YouTube segment, titled What's in my kitchen?, will feature her in her actual home kitchen, cooking up dishes that she enjoys. As the socialite explains in the first episode that has her making chocolate chip pancakes, she is a "foodie that loves to cook, not a professional chef." In her TikTok announcement, the star said that she is "so excited" to do a deep dive into all things food with her fans—but some of the comments seem to draw a relentless parallel with Selena Gomez and her popular HBO show Selena + Chef.

Gomez's show follows the singer and actress on a novice culinary journey, where she's joined by an impressive cast of chefs and food personalities such as Gordon Ramsay. Despite this comparison, Bieber claims that her new cooking series is inspired by the internet's interest in her viral pizza toast, creamy tuscan pasta, smoothies, and more.

One follower wrote, "Love it that Sel inspires you so much," while another said, "So innovative, maybe u should do a cooking show with HBO Max." Others joked that the model should launch her own cooking show on Hulu.

Selena and Hailey are bound to be pitted against each other by the public, considering the fact that some fans still can't get over Selena's breakup with Justin Bieber in 2018.

Although Entertainment Tonight claims that the pair "has cleared the air" after an unexpected photo together, fans still seem to enjoy taking any opportunity to push the dramatic rivalry narrative. Regardless of the several negative comments, many did come to Bieber's defense.

After a user sarcastically described Hailey's pancake recipe as "a revolutionary, groundbreaking culinary achievement," one follower clapped back. "Just leave her alone," the person said. "She is showing what is in her kitchen and did not claim she's Gordon Ramsay 2.0."

Another responded, "It's her cooking for her YouTube Channel like she did already during quarantine with Justin, before Selena's show."

This is not the first time Bieber has dabbled in the culinary world as her well-loved series, "Who's in my bathroom?," showcases famous celebs spilling the tea over their favorite meals and snacks. Only time will tell where this cooking series takes her!

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