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The Healthy Condiment Company Changing The Game

Do you put ketchup on as many things as you can get away with? Are you a hot sauce connoisseur? Do you love a good plate of ribs? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or all!), you need to know about this new condiment company. They're taking some American classics, ditching the artificial ingredients, and creating products that are delicious and weight loss friendly!

The founder of True Made Foods, Kevin Powell, hates vegetables. Wait, what? The creator of a health food company hates vegetables? Yes, precisely. This may seem like a condiment conundrum, but this is where the magic of the brand comes from. In an effort to get Kevin to eat more veggies, his wife created a ketchup that had no added sugar, no artificial ingredients, and even had vegetables hidden in it (think superfoods like carrots and spinach). Kevin ate it right up, no questions asked. That's when they knew they were on to something.

Meanwhile, think about how Americans mindlessly dump sauces onto their food without giving it a second thought. But what exactly are we putting into our bodies? Most store-bought condiments come with a whole host of added sugar and artificial ingredients. Heinz ketchup is packed to the brim with high fructose corn syrup and our beloved Sriracha sauce has additives like xanthan gum, which has been linked to everything from bloating to lung problems. True Made Foods ketchup, on the other hand, has three times more vitamin A than any ketchup on the market and two times more fiber with way less added sugar. Their hot sauce and BBQ sauce feature squeaky clean ingredients grown in the garden (like butternut squash and tomato) instead of artificial additives created in the lab.

True Made Food's goal doesn't appear to be to create some calorie-free-gluten-free-sugar-free-dairy-free-vegan-organic (you get the picture) product that fits into the current health fad of the day. Rather, they're trying to create real, whole foods—in the form of condiments—that taste great. We here at Eat This, Not That! love to see foods that are weight loss friendly because they have "high-quality calories" (as True Made puts it); there are already enough so-called weight loss foods that are void of any nutritional value. So, if you're going to hit the bottle, be a sauce boss and grab one of these condiments from True Made Foods. You'll keep your body healthy and your taste buds happy! Get it here.