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The Best Ways to Use Zero-Calorie Sweeteners

How to get all the sweetness without any of the calories.
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If you've ever reached for a zero-calorie sweetener to replace sugar, you may have noticed that they generally don't taste or look like the granular white crystals you're familiar with. These packets and powders often lack the real flavor and texture of sugar.

But if you're looking to cut back on your sugar intake while still enjoying the familiarity of refined sugar, All-Purpose In The Raw was created for you. The sweetness comes from a blend of Monk Fruit, Stevia, Allulose, and erythritol. And unlike other zero-calorie sweeteners, All-Purpose In The Raw looks, tastes and even crunches like regular sugar (thanks to the erythritol).

And the best part: All-Purpose In The Raw can be used just like the real stuff–in beverages, cooking, baking and more–but with zero added calories and the same sweet benefit. It even browns just like sugar when baked.

Looking to make the switch? Here are 6 ways you can use All-Purpose In The Raw in place of regular sugar.

In baking and dessert recipes

pumpkin creme brulee all purpose two
Courtesy of All-Purpose In The Raw

It's easy to assume that yummy baked goods and desserts like cakes, pies, and cookies are automatically loaded with sugar–and there's no way around it. But baking with All-Purpose In The Raw is a great alternative to replace real sugar if you are baking a sweet treat. One cup of All-Purpose In The Raw is as sweet as one cup of sugar. Plus, it browns just like real sugar.

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In green smoothies

Green smoothies often have a vegetable base (including celery, spinach, cucumbers, and more) that lacks sweetness. And if you use fruit in your green smoothie, it's often from a tart source (like green apple). An easy way to add a bit more sweetness is to add All-Purpose In The Raw instead of sugar, honey, or fruit juice–which ups the sugar content.

In beverage recipes

thai iced tea all purpose in the raw
Courtesy of All-Purpose In The Raw

Using a zero net carb sweetener like All-Purpose In The Raw in beverages that are typically high in sugar can help you attain that customary sweet taste without going overboard on calories and sugar. Take Thai Iced Tea, for example, which traditionally uses high-sugar condensed milk. This recipe attains that same creamy, sweet taste with less sugar by combining half-and-half with All-Purpose In The Raw.

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In cooking (like stir-fries or steak marinades)

Sugar is often added to savory sauces and condiments in cooking and marinades for purposes like caramelization, enhanced flavor, and added texture. So the next time you are whipping up a savory creation in your kitchen that calls for sugar, you can easily swap All-Purpose In The Raw in the skillet or while mixing up a tasty marinade for your meat.

In cocktails

cocktails with all purpose in the raw
Courtesy of All-Purpose In The Raw

Alcoholic beverages are full of sugar. That's because alcohol itself is metabolized into sugar (i.e. carbohydrates) in the body. And if your favorite cocktail happens to be one notorious for its sweetness (like margaritas, pina Coladas, mojitos, and more), the sugar content can add up. Instead, sprinkle All-Purpose In The Raw in your cocktail shaker the next time you step behind the bar for added sweetness without all the sugar and calories.

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In plain yogurt or oatmeal

Rather than buy flavored yogurts and oatmeal packets that contain crazy amounts of sugar, you can easily cut your sugar intake by purchasing plain yogurt and oatmeal and adding All-Purpose In The Raw instead. Sprinkle it on top of your granola bowl or into that scoop of oats as needed for flavor.

In coffee and tea

coffee with all purpose in the raw
Courtesy of All-Purpose In The Raw

Sugar is a must in often bitter drinks like coffee and tea. But you may be shocked about how many spoonfuls you add to each cup to achieve the sweetness you're after. If you want to minimize the amount you normally pour in, swap your regular sugar for All-Purpose In The Raw.

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