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NFL Star's Wild McDonald's Meal Shocks Fans: 'That's Just Wrong'

The unlikely food combination is raising some eyebrows.

Many people swear by the sweet and salty combination of hot french fries dipped in a cold Wendy's Frosty. But what about a cheeseburger topped with ice cream? That's the latest food pairing that has social media abuzz.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams recently shared a photo of an eyebrow-raising culinary creation on his Instagram story: a McDonald's McDouble capped with a hearty scoop of an Oreo McFlurry. Shortly after the photo resurfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter, numerous fans were quick to share their opinions on the daring fast-food combination.

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"This should be a crime," one person commented. "That's just wrong," another one added.

Meanwhile, other social media users expressed their surprise at McDonald's having a working ice cream machine, as the chain is notorious for its ice cream machines frequently being out of order.

"We know this is AI because the @McDonalds ice cream machine is never working," one X user joked.

However, not everyone was thrown off by Williams' meal. Some even came to the NFL player's defense.

"Sweet and salty goes together. same reason why people dip fries in milkshakes or will use a donut for a bun. chocolate covered bacon is a thing and its not like dairy products on a burger is a new concept," one X user wrote. "you guys are getting too caught up in the form factor and are ignoring the flavor composition."

Williams has yet to comment on his polarizing McDonald's meal.

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This isn't the first time an NFL player sparked a social media frenzy after sharing an unconventional food combination. Commenting on Williams' recent food pairing, one X user noted, "Still not as bad as Will Levis putting mayo in his coffee."

In 2022, Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis went viral after sharing that he sometimes puts mayonnaise in his coffee. Although the football player later revealed that he actually just added the condiment to his coffee as a joke, the viral moment ultimately scored Levis a partnership with Hellmann's, which landed him a lifetime supply of mayonnaise.

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