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14 Ways to Lose A Pound a Day

Uncover these exclusive secrets from the new book Zero Sugar Diet for how to lose weight.

"I can't do this. I just can't lose this weight."

My friend Rebecca was struggling with yet another failed diet plan, and feeling desperate to see results.

"Every New Year, I make a resolution, lose a few pounds, and a few months later, it all comes back," she complained. "My doctor says I need to take control, but nothing works!"

I understood how she felt. If you asked twenty-five-year-old me to predict what my forties would look like, I would have used just one word to describe them: fat. How could it not be? I had grown up as a lonely, latchkey kid with a serious sugar addiction; my best friends were the Three Musketeers, and I still jones for the sweet stuff.

But the Zero Sugar Diet changed my destiny—and will change yours.

This revolutionary new program is the result of two decades of research into weight loss and belly fat, resulting in the most effective diet of all time. By following the simple fourteen-day plan, you will quickly and efficiently bring your body into perfect balance, and begin dropping excess pounds at a rapid pace. And in doing so, you'll discover a new way of walking through the world, one that keeps you safely out of the grasp of weight gain and one of the biggest diseases of our time.

You will flatten your belly, improve your health, and look, feel, and live better than ever. That's exactly what happened when last summer I shared Zero Sugar Diet with a test panel of more than 700 people, some of whom lost as much as a pound a day, and up to 3 inches off their waist.

The secret to Zero Sugar Diet is that it targets the most virulent virus of all: added sugars. And it was developed with the cutting-edge recommendations of the world's more preeminent medical associations in mind. Start with these simple day-by-day changes to your daily routine, and check out Zero Sugar Diet now to start losing weight while eating the foods you love!

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #1: Ditch the Added Sugars

zero sugar Tomato Sauce Jar

I'm not here to tell you that you've got to give up your sweets, comfort foods or guilty pleasures. Instead, Zero Sugar Diet targets added sugars—the sugars and syrups added to foods and drinks when they're processed or prepared. You'll learn how to spot them, eliminate them, and break free of them for life. The result will be almost instantaneous weight loss. Zero Sugar Diet test panelist Sandy Villegas, 62, of Monroe Township, NJ, tried diet plans like Weight Watchers, but says: "I was not eating healthy because I ate a lot of refined carbs every day. Pretty soon, I noticed I was hitting a weight-loss plateau and my stomach was as bloated as ever!" After two weeks of eliminating added sugars on the Zero Sugar Diet, "My stomach is gone," she says, "and my husband lost six pounds!"

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #2: Up the Healthy Fiber

Flax seeds

By simply ensuring your foods have enough fiber, Zero Sugar Diet slows the progress of carbohydrates through your body; it gives you a continuous, steady dose of energy, so you never get the "I'm empty" signal. Oh, you'll eat plenty of food, but not because you're ravenous. Because it tastes so good! Fiber also lowers the glycemic index (GI) of foods, meaning the rate at which they're turned into toxic blood sugar, leading to all sorts of health benefits. In fact, a review from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center discovered that habitual intake of fiber from whole grains reduced the risk of coronary heart disease by 20 to 40 percent, and the risk of diabetes by 20 to 30 percent.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #3: Buy the Right Foods

woman shopping in supermarket

In Zero Sugar Diet, you'll find a list of 600+ brand-name without added sugars and with healthy fiber—everything from spaghetti sauce to breads—making shopping a breeze. The book also includes instructions for how to read nutrition labels, so you can always make the right choice. After the test panel, "I find it easy to check labels and continue the rule, checking for sugar and fiber," says Lisa Gardner, 49, of Elgin, SC. "I lost ten pounds—plus, I'm enjoying more energy and a flatter tummy. The best part is, I don't need sugar, or crave desserts!" To blast fat even faster, incorporate these Superfoods That Double Weight Loss into your daily diet, to lose weight effortlessly and deliciously—and live your healthiest and happiest life ever.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #4: Stop the Cravings

woman eating dessert

Panelists on Zero Sugar Diet crushed their cravings, eliminating the desire for binge eating and midnight snacks. "Today I don't even need sweets with sugar," says Ricky Casados, 56, a tester from Albuquerque, NM. "And as a result, muscle is beginning to show again!" Inspired by Ricky's success, his wife also started Zero Sugar Diet. "After seeing me drop a few pounds, she has also quit sweets. Just yesterday, at a party for a co-worker, they brought out three different cakes along with cupcakes, and she did not touch one piece!"

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #5: Retrain Your Tastebuds

woman cutting mushrooms

It's easy to give up the added sugars because, after just 14 days, the sweet stuff will taste too sweet. That's the secret to long lasting results on Zero Sugar Diet. Test panelist Tara Anderson, 42, of Leonardo, NJ, says that after four weeks on the diet, "What I love about it is the way it's retrained my taste buds. I have had a little sugar a few times and it's way too sweet now. I'm still trying to get used to coffee without sugar!" Better yet, it's helped her feel healthier overall. "The best part for me is not feeling sick anymore or having migraines! I feel really good and will continue this way of life."

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #6: Stop Counting Calories

woman with arms open

You don't have to on Zero Sugar Diet. I found proof that it just doesn't work. Researchers in Australia looked at different kinds of diets, including low-sugar and high-protein diets, to see if they made a difference in how the dieters' bodies reacted. They put all of the subjects on the same number of calories, and broke them into four groups, trying out variations on high- and low-protein and high and low-sugar plans. They found that all things being equal, reducing sugar helped people lose weight faster, even when overall calories remained the same. In short, a high-carb, low-sugar diet—like Zero Sugar Diet—was the best for cutting both fat and cardiovascular risk.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #7: Eat Mindfully

Mother and daughter cooking

Becoming more aware—not just of what you eat, but of every aspect of your daily life— can have a serious impact on your body and your overall health. In a 2015 study, Brown University researchers asked nearly four hundred people to complete a mindfulness awareness survey. Then, they X-rayed the subjects' bellies to determine their degree of belly fat. What they found was that the higher people scored on the mindfulness survey, the less visceral fat they were likely to have! In fact, people who are less mindful have, on average, an extra pound of fat inside their bellies.

Zero Sugar Diet teaches us to be particularly mindful of what's going into our mouths. By causing a shift from sugary, processed foods to more natural, fiber-rich whole foods, we're not just cutting sugar and boosting fiber; we're reducing our intake of other chemicals that aren't actually food, but that we eat almost every day.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #8: Pick an Easy Plan

woman on a scale

Donna Scott did. The fifty-two-year-old field technician from Las Cruces, New Mexico, thought weight loss was a slow, onerous task, one that involved hunger, sacrifice, and more discipline than any of us would want to muster. Yet on Zero Sugar Diet, Scott's extra weight seemed simply to fall off of her—a remarkable 15 pounds gone in only fourteen days—because it was so easy. From a starting weight of 175 pounds, she is now a lean, mean 160. And it's not just the amount of fat she lost, it's the type of fat: dangerous, unsightly belly fat. "My waist has gone down in size, and I feel healthier!" she says, adding that she'll stick with it.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #9: Stop the Soda

Woman sipping on story

Every can of Coke has the sugar equivalent of four Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. And the soda industry is doing every they can to help you forget that. Coca-Cola was recently unmasked as the number one sponsor of the Academy of Pediatrics' website, and it has given nearly $3 million to the academy over the past six years, according to The New York Times. And recent studies finding that a lack of energy expenditure in adolescents contributed greatly to the obesity crisis turn out to have been funded by Coke. Fight back by swapping your soda for unsweetened Honest Tea or Tejava Tea instead—each has zero sugar. (And if you're craving a fruit smoothie check out the options offered in Zero Belly Smoothies, made with a unique blend of supernutrients that will flatten your gut, boost metabolism and turn off your fat genes for good. I call it 60-second weight loss at the press of a button.)

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #10: Dial Back The Diabetes

Close up of stethoscope

Sandy Villegas did more than just lose her belly on the Zero Sugar Diet. "Before going on the diet, I was told I am borderline diabetic," she says. But now, her glucose levels are stable. "The huge drop in my lab numbers was primarily due to the changes in this way of eating," she says. "In fact, my doctor has taken me off blood pressure medication!" David Menkhaus, 62, or Liberty Township, OH, saw similar results. "Four years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes," he says. After six weeks on the Zero Sugar Diet, "I took a few minutes today to analyze year-to-date daily glucose results, before and after, and the results indicate that the diet has significantly lowered blood glucose levels! Not to mention, this is the easiest diet program I have ever been on!"

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #11: Skip the Chemicals

woman holding a potato chip

You're probably eating them without even knowing it. "Ultra-processed" foods now make up more than half of all calories consumed in the United States, according to a 2016 report in the online journal BMJ Open. "Ultra-processed" means any product that uses a non-food substance (preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavorings) that you simply wouldn't use in a recipe you were making from scratch. And that, by the way, is where 90 percent of all our added sugar comes from. (Think that's bad? Click here to find out if you're eating the 50 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet!)

Think of Zero Sugar Diet as a detox. "About ten days in my doctor did blood work, and the results were fantastic!" says Wanda Tapp of Little Rock, Arkansas. "Cholesterol, etc., were better than they had ever been."

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #12: Fantasize About Overeating

BBQ pizza

This might sound counterintuitive, but if you can envision yourself gorging on a sugary treat, you might wind up eating less of it. In one study, researchers broke participants into two groups. One group was asked to fantasize about eating three M&M'S. The other group was told to imagine themselves eating thirty. Then, the scientists invited the subjects to enjoy some real M&M'S as part of a "taste test." Strangely enough, those who fantasized about eating thirty candies actually tended to eat less of the real thing than those who kept their imaginations limited to just three. Contrary to popular belief, imagining the pleasure of gorging on a food actually reduces your appetite for it, the researchers said.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #13: Instagram Your Meal

woman taking picture of meal with cellphone

We all have annoying relatives who can't eat a Big Mac without posting a picture of it first. But those who hunger for social media foodie fame might be on to something. An analysis of "attentive eating" studies in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those who recall their last meal as being filling and satisfying tended to eat less at their next meal. So if you're one of those people who can't remember what they had for dinner last night, start building a photo journal of your munchies, like the 60+ recipes in Zero Sugar Diet, and you may soon be snapping more than just photos—like maybe a new pair of skinny jeans.

Zero Sugar Diet Secret #14: Boost a Healthy Gut

Woman making heart shape with hands on stomach

The reason why "more fiber" works is more than just about filling you up. Indeed, just two days of eating a diet high in fiber can alter your gut biome enough to reduce inflammation and begin bodily changes that lead to weight loss, according to a 2015 study in the American Journal of Physiology. In fact, the authors found that adding "soluble fibers to processed foods, including calorically rich obesogenic foods, may be a means to ameliorate their detrimental effects." Just eating more fiber helps so much, you barely need to worry about what else you're eating. Zero Sugar Diet can go a long way toward helping you break your addiction. Strive to replace your empty calories with essential ones and discover the 14-day plan to flatten your belly, crush cravings and stay lean for life with Zero Sugar Diet! It's easy, and works.

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