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McDonald's Is Quietly Bringing Back the Popular Breakfast Sandwiches That Disappeared In 2020

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Sometimes McDonald's heralds the return of a fan favorite with bells and whistles, like the McRib, and sometimes, for reasons unknown, it sneaks them quietly into restaurants. The highly desired bagel breakfast sandwiches appear to be the latter, and they are popping up in select locations.

After several fast-food news outlets reported about the return of bagel sandwiches this week, we reached out to McDonald's reps who confirmed that though bagels are no longer available nationwide, they are a regional offering and available at participating McDonald's restaurants in select markets, mentioning Columbus, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City, and other New England areas. They stressed that McDonald's Bagel Sandwiches are a limited-time offer at participating locations.

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A search this morning confirmed that they are available in those locations. We chose random McDonald's locations in New York City and Westchester, N.Y., and all of them are currently carrying bagel sandwiches. We even ordered one and had it delivered to confirm that the local restaurants are indeed ready to fulfill those orders.

The three bagel sandwiches—Steak, Egg & Cheese; Bacon, Egg & Cheese; and Sausage, Egg, & Cheese—disappeared off McDonald's menus during the pandemic in 2020, but were spotted again in Ohio, Virginia, and Philadelphia in early September of this year.

McDonald's has long been promising to bring back the beloved breakfast items, so the returns aren't completely out of context.


This week, Reddit users, in particular, are reporting seeing the bagel sandwiches everywhere. "Got a notification on my app this morning that they were finally back in Michigan! I know they have been trialing them again in Ohio for the last couple months," said one user. And others are reporting seeing them in parts of Illinois, New Jersey, Long Island, and Upstate New York.

Searches in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, came up bagel-less, but spots in Maine have the sandwiches, so they are available far into New England.

The beloved bagel sandwiches are officially back in wide regions of the country. This means the chain is making good on its 2021 promise, at least partially.

Meaghan Cameron
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