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McDonald's Holiday Pie Is Back at Nationwide Locations

The custardy treat is your go-to pie for December.

We're lovin' it—the holiday season, that is. Apparently McDonald's is too, because its iconic holiday pie is officially making a comeback.

The fast-food chain is known to take its Christmas offerings to a new and festive level each year. According to McDonald's corporate press release, last year's big reveal included a 12-day deal collaboration with the queen of Christmas herself—Mariah Carey. It's no doubt that customers are anxiously awaiting what the brand has in store for the 2022 winter season.

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Chew Boom reports that fans just spotted McDonald's holiday pie at select locations, but the menu item will become available nationwide starting in early December. The dessert consists of a creamy, smooth vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles. Despite this lengthy description, customers are likening its flavor to a classic apple pie.

Although this dessert seems to reappear every single year and is pretty much par for the course for the season, Twitter fans sure do have a lot of opinions on the subject.

The internet is totally divided on the holiday pie, as one user tweeted that he purchased two recently, both of which were "extremely off" and "did not taste the same as usual."

Regardless of others describing the returning menu item as "overrated," there are many McDonald's fans that are excited to grab the dessert.

One Twitter user wrote, "Tis the season to start calling every McDonald's near me to see if they have holiday pies," as another said the treat was "good."

According to Reddit, the holiday pie was seen in 2021 but wasn't available nationwide. "I really hope this comes to Minnesota this year. Completely skipped the state (at least the Twin Cities Metro) last year and I almost drove 2 hours to get one. One of my favorite menu items," one Reddit user said. Another added that the holiday was absent from Colorado as well.

According to CNN Business, the pastry has been making a comeback for the past 10 years, but always varies on timing and availability. Sounds like McDonald's holiday pie is a mystery wrapped in a buttery crust.

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