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McDonald's Plans To Introduce Even Bigger Burgers In the U.S.

Customers want "larger, high-quality burgers" that fill them up, a McDonald's executive said.

Fast-food customers want bigger burgers that won't break the bank—and McDonald's wants to meet that demand.

During a meeting with investors on Dec. 6, a McDonald's executive revealed that the company plans to launch larger burgers at its restaurants in the future. According to the company, data and research show that customers want bigger burgers that aren't too pricey, easy to access, and can satisfy bigger appetites.

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"We've listened to our customers. And we understand their desire for larger, high-quality burgers that fill you up and are delivered in a convenient and affordable way," said Jo Sempels, McDonald's president of international developmental licensed markets.

Sempels added that McDonald's plans to test larger burger options in a few markets and then roll them out across the globe once it finds one it wants to stick with. In a separate interview with CNN yesterday, McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said that the United States is one of the markets where it wants to debut these sizable burgers.

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"In the U.S., in a number of markets, around the world, having a larger burger is an opportunity," Kempczinski said. "We're working on that. That is something that you should expect in the future."

Both Kempczinski and Sempels were pretty vague about the details on these bigger burgers and when customers will see them hit menus. However, Kempczinski did indicate that the new burgers won't be too pricey despite being larger.

 "We think we're going to be able to deliver a great tasting large burger at a superior value to what [customers] can get anywhere else," Kempczinski told CNN.

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While customers await these extra-large burgers, they can look forward to some exciting changes to the burgers McDonald's already offers. Back in April, McDonald's revealed plans for several upgrades to its signature burgers, including using softer buns toasted to a perfect golden brown, cooking onions directly on the burger patties, and ensuring that all cheese is perfectly melted.

Chris Young, McDonald's senior director of global menu strategy, announced in an interview last week that there will be far more changes to the burgers than initially announced. Young told The Wall Street Journal that the chain is making more than 50 upgrades to its burgers—the biggest improvements to McDonald's core menu items in decades. For example, the beef patties for McDonald's Big Macs will be cooked smaller batches for a more uniform sear and the bun will be changed to a buttery brioche.

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