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McDonald's Just Revealed the Fate of Its Popular Snack Wraps

McDonald's fans have never forgotten nor forgiven the loss of the discontinued item.

McDonald's customers have never truly gotten over the beloved Snack Wraps and inquired about their return ever since they were discontinued in 2016. Now, roughly seven years after they were pulled from the menu, Snack Wrap fans are finally getting the news they've been waiting for.

During an annual investor meeting, which took place in Chicago on Dec. 6, executives were asked whether the company has any plans to resurrect the Snack Wraps, to which McDonald's USA President Joe Erlinger revealed that the company has big plans for the popular item.

According to Erlinger, the chain is planning to bring back Snack Wraps as part of its long-term plans for the McCrispy chicken line. McDonald's introduced the McCrispy sandwich—initially named the "Crispy Chicken Sandwich"—in 2021 in response to the raging chicken sandwich wars. Since then, it has been working to expand on the success of the new chicken item.

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old school mcdonalds snack wraps

McDonald's officially renamed the chicken sandwich to 'McCrispy' in March, and in October revealed that the sandwich had already become a "billion dollar brand." McDonald's wants to build on the McCrispy brand by developing a McCrispy chicken tender, which will eventually become a part of a new McCrispy Snack Wrap.

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Unfortunately, the timeline is murky at best. Erlinger said that McDonald's is "still in the early days" of the development process. There will also be some notable differences between the new Snack Wraps and the original ones, which featured chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese, and sauce inside a tortilla wrap. However, fans can still relish the fact that they won't have to go the rest of their lives without ever tasting a Snack Wrap again.

This exciting announcement from McDonald's comes during a time when other fast-food brands are testing out their versions of the popular wraps. Burger King debuted a line of Royal Crispy Wraps in August that all featured crispy white meat chicken, tomato, and lettuce, wrapped inside a soft flour tortilla. Wendy's also introduced a Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap back in March, while KFC has added limited-edition fried chicken wraps to its menu in both February and October.

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