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4 Delicious Ways To Use Leftover Mint Leaves

Typically buy mint to make mojitos and then toss out the leftovers? You've got things all wrong! The flavorful and fragrance herb is a super versatile ingredient...
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According to a recent culinary trends report by Packaged Facts, a consumer goods market research firm, mint is going to be all the rage in 2017—and we're so excited! More people really should be eating the stuff. From boosting memory and metabolism to relieving upset stomachs and seasonal allergies, mint totally steals a top spot on our favorite herb list.

Not sure how to take advantage of this fantastically fragrant, health-boosting herb? Here are few super-easy ways to incorporate mint into your weekly routine—none of which involve a muddler or a cocktail cup.

Brew Tea

peppermint tea cup

If your skinny jeans are feeling a bit tight, simply steep a few sprigs of peppermint in boiling water for about 15 minutes, or until the brew becomes aromatic. Sipping on mint tea can relieve the gas and bloat responsible for making your buttons pop. Mint tea is also a great natural remedy for headaches. According to a study by Newcastle University researchers, tea made of Brazilian mint is just as effective at treating headaches as Indometacin, a prescription drug given to those with migraines and severe headaches.

Add It to Salads & Dressings

greek farro salad

Tearing mint leaves and adding the shreds to your favorite salad can give your lunch a refreshing twist. If you want mint to make a more subtle appearance in your dish, create a light dressing with the herb instead. Just add the leaves to a blender with some apple cider vinegar and a dash of black pepper and give it a quick wiz. This super low-cal dressing definitely won't taint your greens like these 16 Salad Dressings Worse Than Chocolate Syrup.

Fashion Festive Desserts

mint smoothie

Nothing screams holiday season more than candy canes and peppermint mocha lattes. But here at ETNT, we're not big fans of sabotaging our diets with button-blasting sweets. To keep the belly fat at bay, whip up a simple matcha mint chip smoothie, like this one by Vegu Kate. This recipe pairs crunchy cacao nibs and chia seeds with muffin top-melting mint and green tea, to create a drink that will help flatten your tummy and combat bloat.

Take a Whiff

smelling mint

Not only can sniffing mint leaves can help curb appetite, they can act as a remedy for nausea, too, due to its strong, pleasant scent. Mint can also help take the edge off allergy season, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of rosmarinic acid, the antioxidant found in the plant.

We suggest decorating your humble abode with this very versatile herb. Placing it around the house is not only super decorative, but it can also help ward off pesky mosquitoes. Now that's a win-win!


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