Chef Emeril Lagasse's Chickpea & Potato Curry Recipe

Spice things up with this flavor-packed recipe.

vegetable curry from chef emeril lagasse
Roasted Garlic Tomato Lentil Salad

15 Healthy Recipes for Black-Eyed Peas

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healthy texas cowboy caviar

Spicy Waffled Cauliflower Hash Browns

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Spicy Waffled Cauliflower Hash Browns

23 Healthy Mushroom Recipes for Meatless Dinners

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Vegetarian mushroom melts

Healthy Nacho Cauliflower Tostadas

Perfect veggie patties to carry your nacho fillings.

nacho cauli tostadas

The Perfect Air Fryer Falafel

Healthy vegan fast food made even healthier.

air fryer falafel

Air Fryer Baby Hasselback Potato Bites

Cute! Small! And addictive!

baby hasselback potatoes
Low-calorie nachos with chicken and black beans

10 Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes To Keep You Full All Morning

High-fiber. High-protein. All from plants.

breakfast burrata platter with butternut squash and whole grain bread