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These are the 3 Most Popular Ice Cream Toppings in America

You might not be able to guess the top choices!

While it definitely is still delicious, it's hard to have ice cream plain. There are all kinds of flavor combinations and additions in pints, cones, cakes, and more. But a lot of times I scream, you scream, and we all scream for toppings on our ice cream. And now we know the most popular ones!

A poll of 2,000 Americans found that the most popular ice cream topping is chocolate chips. Fifty-two percent of those who answered the OnePoll and Breyers survey said the small chocolate bits are their favorite thing to put on top of ice cream.

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The second on the list of the most popular ice cream toppings, in which 49% of those polled said it is their favorite, is hot fudge. The classic topping was invented in 1906 specifically for ice cream, so it's no surprise it took the second-highest slot.

Rounding out the top three most popular ice cream toppings are nuts, with 40% of the vote. Also not a big surprise, since many cold, sweet treats incorporate the combo — like some of these 11 Childhood Ice Cream Treats You Totally Forgot About (but can still buy!).

Whipped cream wasn't too far behind nuts, and received 37% of the votes. Caramel, too, is a crowd-pleaser for 35% of those surveyed.

The poll also paired favorite flavors to personality traits. Apparently, those who love strawberry ice cream are presumably quicker to find love than those who like vanilla and chocolate ice cream the most. People who list vanilla ice cream as their favorite flavor tend to like dogs more than cats. And you are more likely to enjoy a variety of music if your favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, according to OnePoll and Breyers.

No matter which tastes and the type of toppings you prefer, there are some pint-sized ice creams to avoid. Unfortunately, you might recognize some of your favorites on the list (yep, Ben & Jerry's is on there). These are The Unhealthiest Ice Cream Pints in America — Ranked!

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