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The Most Popular Snack the Year You Were Born

Get ready for some serious nostalgia.

Snack foods have changed quite a bit over the years, from super salty Combos to sour WarHeads and sugary-sweet Fruit by the Foot. If you've ever wondered what the most popular snack the year you were born was, you're in luck. We've rounded up one uber-likable snack from every year from 1970 to 1999—get ready for a blast from your food past.

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1970: Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn

orville redenbacher butter microwave popcorn

Popcorn has always been one of America's favorites, but in 1970, it exploded (or popped) onto the scene when Orville Redenbacher's was introduced. The famous red box of popcorn is still a salty snack favorite around the country.

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1971: Cup O' Noodles

nissin cup noodles chicken

What college kid hasn't had a stock of Cup O' Noodles in their dorm room? We know that we did when we were in college. This popular snack is now a classic meal that never gets old.

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1972: Quaker Oats Granola

boxed quaker natural granola oats honey raisins almonds

The hippie days of the '70s helped establish more health-conscious food options, like granola. If you were a flower child, you likely remember eating Quaker Oats Granola as snacks in the middle of the day.

1973: Toastwiches

grilled cheese sandwich press cast iron skillet

Betty Crocker debuted Toastwiches in 1973, and they became an instant hit. The pre-made sandwiches came in a variety of options like grilled cheese or "pizzaburger."

1974: Nacho Cheese Doritos

Courtesy of Doritos

Doritos had been around before 1974, but that year, Doritos introduced the Nacho Cheese flavor that would soon become the "original flavor" of Doritos for decades.

1975: Combos

mustard pretzel combos

The filled pretzel snacks took over the snack aisle in 1975. Many people know about the famous pizza Combos, but other fun flavors include cheddar cheese and seven-layer dip.

1976: Pop Rocks

packets of pop rocks candy

Pop Rocks candy is still very popular with kids of all ages because of the unique experience the candy provides. Today, the popping rock candy is also used in drinks and in baked goods.

1977: Twix

twix chocolate bar

The Twix candy bar was introduced and gained instant fans in 1977. Now, the question remains: Are you a fan of Left Twix or Right Twix?

1978: Reese's Pieces

reeses pieces

Reese's Pieces were launched in 1978, and while they were popular then, they became a household must-have after the debut of the movie E.T., which featured the candy, a few years later. The peanut-butter-coated candies are also great mixed with popcorn.

1979: Ring Pops

box of ring pops candy

Wearable candy was all the rage leading into the late 7'0s and early '80s. The most popular were Ring Pops, which looked like giant engagement rings. After you tried to eat these for a while, though, the plastic ring portion always got super sticky.

1980: Tostitos

Tostitos scoops

The corn tortilla chip that many people still reach for on grocery store shelves today is Tostitos. The chip was super popular in 1980, as people served it with salsa or seven-layer dip.

1981: Jell-O Pudding Pops

jello pudding pops

When dessert and snack time mix into one moment, you get Jell-O Pudding Pops. These sweet treats were a fudgy, chocolaty delight on a hot day after playing outside.

1982: Bagel Bites

box of bagel bites

Bagel Bites were a favorite snack time item in the early '80s. The tiny pizzas were easy to share and always came out of the oven bubbling with melted cheese.

1983: Hot Pockets

hot pocket

The savory version of a breakfast toaster pastry, Hot Pockets instantly shot to the top of grocery lists as an easy snack, thanks to the rise in people having microwave ovens at home.

1984: Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream

customers being handed ben and jerry's ice cream cones
Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Even though the brand debuted in small grocery stores years before 1984, that year would be a huge tipping point for Ben and Jerry's. That was the year the company invented cookie dough ice cream, which skyrocketed the brand as the king of ice cream.

1985: Sour Patch Kids

sour patch kids

Gummy sour candy like Sour Patch Kids became the must-get from the candy section of any store. The candy packs a super-sour punch at the beginning then mellows out to be extra sweet.

1986: Handi-Snacks

handi snacks breadsticks and cheese

An '80s kid's lunch box wasn't perfectly filled unless it had a Handi-Snack. The cracker and spreadable cheese combo were always identifiable by the red plastic stick that was included in the packaging.

1987: Dippin' Dots

dippin dots ice cream in plastic helmets
Karolis Kavolelis/Shutterstock

Dippin' Dots were coined to be the ice cream of the future as tiny spheres of flavored ice cream was scooped up into a cup for devouring. Now Dippin' Dots can be found at theme parks and state fairs around the country.

1988: Lunchables

lunchables ham cheddar

In 1988, you were considered the cool kid at school if you brought a Lunchable for your lunch. The snack-sized lunch was filled with crackers, meat, cheese, and a miniature candy bar.

1989: Bubble Tape

Hubba bubba awesome original bubble tape gum

Bubble Tape was a sweet pink bubble gum that was wrapped in a coil and placed in what looked like a tape dispenser. The flavor of the gum never lasted long, so you would always end up eating the whole thing in one day.

1990: Dunkaroos


Dunkaroos was the sweet version of Handi-Snacks. The cookie and icing dippers were a kid favorite, and luckily for all of us '90s kids, the iconic snack has returned to grocery store shelves.

1991: Gushers

gushers tropical

The after-school snack that always made a mess was Gushers. The gummies were filled with sweet goo, that inevitably got all over your hands and your shirt as you tried to wipe it away.

1992: Crispy M&Ms

crispy m&ms bag

M&Ms are a classic candy, and crispy M&Ms were a variation of that. The centers had a sort of puffed rice that was covered in chocolate before getting the outside colored coating.

1993: WarHeads

boxes of warheads chewy cubes candy
Siti Rahmanah/Shutterstock

WarHeads were the more sour cousin of Sour Patch Kids. The hard candy would cause your face to scrunch up with how sour it was, and you would always be dared to try to see how many you could handle at once.

1994: Fruit by the Foot

fruit by the foot

Every '90s kid remembers the Fruit by the Foot snacks that came in flavors like strawberry and watermelon. The best parts of these were always the ends that were doubled over because the paper was never quite long enough for the entire strip of fruit leather.

1995: Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treat

For years, people had made homemade Rice Krispie Treats, but in 1995 Kellogg started to make and package the cereal-marshmallow treat. The snack became a huge success, and kids would always try to sneak them into the cart at the grocery store.

1996: Baked Lays

firehouse subs oven baked lays

Baked Lays were the under-salted cousin of Pringles, but they were popular in the mid-'90s. The chips are still sold and come in flavors like BBQ and original.

1997: French Toast Crunch

box of french toast crunch cereal
Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

Sugary cereal that was meant for breakfast often became an afternoon snack for kids. French Toast Crunch looked like tiny pieces of bread that were dusted in cinnamon sugar.

1998: Baby Bottle Pop

baby bottle pop candy
Keith Homan/Shutterstock

Candy in the '90s was weird. The Baby Bottle Pop looked like a miniature baby bottle with a candy top that could be dunked in a sour powder inside the actual bottle.

1999: Go-Gurt

gogurt box

Go-Gurt made yogurt more accessible to kids by putting it in tubes to be eaten on the go. Some people even placed their tubes in the freezer to make a yummy frozen yogurt bar.

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