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Alicia Silverstone Slams Body-Shaming Caption Of This Photo In The Best Way

Don't mess with Cher Horowitz.

Alicia Silverstone recently clapped back at a body-shaming troll-of-a-caption, and we are so here for her response. The "Clueless" star directly called out a photo caption that reads, "Alicia Silverstone Candid Fat Photo." As if! The actress looks absolutely incredible, and anyone who says otherwise can "abcdefu" … and, well, you'll just have to read on to find out what Silverstone's epic choice message was. And next up, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Silverstone flips off the haters all while "abcdefu" by GAYLE plays in the background


Damn. I think I look good 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #abcdefu

♬ abcdefu – GAYLE

Silverstone was not having the body-shaming, and the moment prompted the actress to create this TikTok video to clap back at whoever has been sipping on too much haterade. The video shows Silverstone looking sleek and sassy as she responds to a photo of herself strolling outside in a navy blue dress, which she pasted into her TikTok.

The video is accompanied by Silverstone's caption, which says, "Damn, I think I look good." Silverstone goes on to smile and hold up her middle finger proudly, all while the song "abcdefu" by GAYLE is playing as background music. (Lesson here? 1. Body-shaming is not, under any circumstances, okay. 2. Do not mess with Cher Horowitz—because you will always lose.)

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This is not the first time the actress took on body-shaming head-on

alicia silverstone in navy blue jumpsuit
Cindy Ord / Staff

Back in 2020, Silverstone revealed she endured another painful body-shaming experience when she was called "fatgirl" by tabloids and paparazzi after portraying Batgirl in the 1997 film "Batman & Robin." During press appearances, the star was even asked questions about the size of her bra.

The Guardian published an interview in 2020, when the star opened up about how the tabloids treated her. "They would make fun of my body when I was younger. It was hurtful but I knew they were wrong. I wasn't confused. I knew that it was not right to make fun of someone's body shape, that doesn't seem like the right thing to be doing to a human," Silverstone said.

Previously, a TikTok video posted by one of Silverstone's fans revealed photos from old tabloids that compared the actress—who was 19 at the time—to "Babe the pig."

Silverstone's response is so inspiring to us all

alicia silverstone in glittery dress
Karwai Tang / Contributor

Everyone should feel confident in and empowered by their own body and form—and no one's words should try to convince them anything other than that. Silverstone's actions are ones to be applauded, and that's just another thing that makes her entire self beautiful in every single way.

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