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Rebel Wilson's Response To Her Body Critics Deserves An Applause

She shuts it down in true Rebel fashion.

Rebel Wilson never seems to skip a beat when it comes to keeping things refreshingly real, and that's why fans love her. Whether she's giving us major "Rebel Rising" vibes to kick off a new year on a strong note or revealing to fans the one "simple" exercise she did to drop 75 pounds, it's safe to say Rebel Wilson is genuinely deserving of a round of applause.

One of the star's latest Instagram posts responds to her body critics, and yes — you'll want to grab the popcorn for this epic scoop. Read on to see how Wilson responded to the haters, and get ready to give her a major round of applause. Next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

The actress revealed some exciting news on Instagram

Rebel Wilson smiling and waving at red carpet event
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Wilson took to Instagram to dish some pretty cool news to her followers. She posted a photo of herself looking like a total boss in a sharp navy blue blazer and noted in the caption that she's beyond excited to be hosting the EE British Academy Film Awards in March. Wilson even stuck in a punny comment about hopefully being able to "bond" with Danial Craig — AKA James Bond — at the upcoming awards show. (Ah, how we all dream of sipping a martini — shaken, not stirred, of course — with 007.)

Fans were quick to congratulate the actress on the news, with some commenting heart, fire, heart eyes, and hand-clapping emojis. Others addressed and commended another aspect of her caption.

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Wilson addressed her body critics in true Rebel fashion

The Pitch Perfect star also used her humor that we know and love to address her body critics who apparently believe she won't be as funny anymore due to her change in physical appearance. That portion of Wilson's Instagram caption reads, "I am very honoured to be hosting the EE British Academy Film Awards in March, where Covid will no longer exist because it will clearly have been canceled by then. It's going to be so much fun! I don't wanna put any pressure on this – I know I'm not going to be funny because I am no longer fat. And besides, I'm not going to 'sweat-it' with nerves because I have a peculiar medical condition where I can't sweat…or cause offense to people because of my adorable Australian accent."

Fans loved the star's caption and showered her with support

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Being in the spotlight and dealing with critics on a regular basis is likely mentally and physically draining. But Wilson handled her clap back like a true champion, and fans were quick to show the star an endless amount of support.

Wilson is completely rocking her new look, but the star did recently state, "It's not about being a certain size or body weight or anything. It's just about loving yourself and loving the journey that you're on. And to me, the women I think are most beautiful are those who step into their own power" (via Daily Telegraph's Stellar magazine).

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